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May 5, 2013
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Sep 20, 2018
    1. dk&lin
      Hey guys! Hope all is well with you two. Our son will be attending the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa in the Fall. We will practically be neighbors! Roll Tide!
    2. Jenandalbert
      We will be there May 8-16 this year.
    3. bhholland
      We will be there on the 27th with Brent & Jami. We will get to hang out together for one day!!
    4. traveladdict
      Cool! We are going March 22-28...I'm glad that all of folks have similar dates to ours...see you the bar/pool!
    5. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Hi guys~
      Sorry, have been busy working !!!!!! Very sweet comment :) Right back at cha! We will be coming October 28th- Nov 4th Looking forward to seeing you as well ! When are you going?
    6. Sue & Ted
      Sue & Ted
      Will do, wish you were able to make it :(
    7. TomandMelinda
      Oh that is to bad I was looking forward to seeing you all again!! We have a son graduating from high school in May so I know we can't make it then. I'll have a drink to ya though when were there
    8. dk&lin
      OH BUMMER! We are already booked again for April 23-28 2015. Looks like our paths won't cross for a while! Have a blast in May, we will miss your spirit in October. We can try to raise a little hell in your honor. Be well guys! L
    9. dk&lin
      waiting to see our bama friends on the oct roll call boobs cruise is monday the 27th
    10. TomandMelinda
      Whoop whoop. C ya soon!!!!!! It's gonna be an awesome trip.
    11. Sue & Ted
      Sue & Ted
      Hi guys, sorry for the late response... I haven't been on the site in months but yes we will be there for sure, we arrive on the 25th
    12. Mikey1232
      It was a chilly winter. Thankfully was in school. I'm hoping to be back this time with my girlfriend. I'm sure she will enjoy the resort!
    13. tr2727
      I will be closing out the Power Plant i am building at about that time so it is unlikely we will be able to make it then..If things work out we might try late Nov. or early dec.
    14. dk&lin
      most excellent guys.... so happy to hear that u will be at hotties N hellraisers PART II and that a trip to TTR & required boobs cruise is in your even nearer future...
      Lin and I just returned from MECCA on monday nite. we had another amazing trip w/ great weather, met some really cool people and our second boobs cruise this year already.
      Have an awesome time and we are already looking forward to part II in october with you both.... ps. lin's B-Day is the 24th
      All the best, linda and donnie
    15. deb3667
      We are from close to Huntsville. How about y'all ?
    16. icecube88
      Just wanted to say HELLO!! Hope to see U at the Sexy Pool!!
    17. TomandMelinda
      This past winter has been the worst one we have seen in a long time I'm so thankful its almost over. That would be awesome if y'all are gonna make it in Oct. Hope you have a great time in May!!!
    18. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Hey there ! How you be? Saweeeet that you're going in May, bummed we are not. Hoping to go in October. Will be posting as we lock in good pricing and as that time draws near. Let me know how your trip in May goes. Take care, Love your favorite Hooker- Ang
    19. dk&lin
      hey guys, we are booked the 23rd till the 29th of oct.
      how great would it be to spent some more time together.
      please please please try to come.
      we are going on a supply house incentive trip next week to cancun and we have greedily booked a steves boobs cruise for march 1st. apparently its a $60 round trip from our resort so we are in.
      we are booked april 9-14th to ttr.
      be sure to let us know your plans and so sorry bout the TIDE... we were pulling for our new friends' team
      all the best... linda and donnie
    20. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Hey guys ! How you be? When are you going back to TTR? Bob & I are going Feb 19th - 25th.
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