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Nov 26, 2011
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DFW Texas


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Oct 22, 2018 at 1:03 PM
    1. helipilot
      Well at least we will have a few days with you guys. Do you know a lot of the people that are going to be there with you guys? Only a little over a week for us. Can't wait. I went ahead and messaged Steve to see if we're able to be put on a list
    2. helipilot
      We arrive at 9:40 on june 16th. yes we will be looking for you guys as well. Im sure I will be able to find you at paty o's. lol Also is there any tips for trying to get a room over by the quite pool but not a jacuzzi room?
    3. helipilot
      Hey Tom, Ok plans changed "for now" working on logistics for babysitting, but we should be good. we are looking at coming out june 16-21. I noticed there was a boobs cruise on the 19 but it is sold out. Since you guys are veterans would you recommend going up to the desk on the day of the cruise and see if we are able to get on? or any other recommendations for us to try to squeeze onto the trip? Any advice would be great.. thanks and i believe we will be out there the same time you guys are
    4. David_&_Ashley
      Lol hell yeah I like your style
    5. David_&_Ashley
      Thanks for the friend request when is yalls trip to TTR ours is June 14-20
    6. texas2
      Can't wait to see yall this weekend in Funky Town....
      ♡♡♡ Kimmie & Doug ♡♡♡
    7. helipilot
      Did you guys get a jacuzzi room again? Im kind of thinking that I'm going to go with a reg room.. we didn't really use enough for the money
    8. helipilot
      Hey you guys... you guys going this year? we are kicking around the middle to end of june. Kind of want to wait till the boobs cruise sch comes out so we don't have what happened last year lol. Hope all is well with you guys.
    9. Emandkay
      Hey there fellow Texan's! 75 more days....
    10. Peteandbrandy
      Thanks for adding us. We will see you there.
    11. n8ivetxns
      We even tried the 3rd week of June again - but no, something about you two and actual work. Let me know when you get the beer pong floaty thing working in the backyard pool and I ABSOLUTELY PROMISE we'll come over!!
    12. n8ivetxns
      I think we have a better chance at meeting in Arlington!!
    13. crazy
      We will see you on the 12th. Looking forward to meeting you too!
    14. n8ivetxns
      Hey - so you don't have June dates yet? We're going to be going sometime like Jun 21 - 27!
    15. n8ivetxns
      Not bad. Some fun folks. Gotta do a pool party some day!
    16. n8ivetxns
      OK, now I'm the one that really moved. You went to 3rd week, i went all the way into July!!! 7/6 - 7/11. When are we going to go out for a normal dinner here in DFW? All we seem to do is beer pong.
    17. temp-me94
      looking forward to meeting you two and having a drink.
      Nancy and Alex
    18. loopywoz
      England are not the best at footy but have to support your own country !
      See you very soon :)
    19. loopywoz
      Hi was did you stay at ttr for the World Cup 4 years ago we was there at that time aswell :)
    20. Olderandwiser.
      Hey guys see you in the pool on the 16th.
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    DFW Texas
    Work hard, play harder. Professional beachbum, semi professional tailgater.

    We love the summer, the beach and having fun


    TTR: June '12, '13, '14, '15 ,'16 & '18
    DRM June '16, Feb '18, June '18
    Pearl Oct '18
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