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Nov 26, 2011
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DFW Texas


Guru, from DFW Texas

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Sep 17, 2018 at 10:25 AM
    1. Wattsup
      Thanks for the friends request. We'll see you around the sexy pool in a few weeks.
    2. britun2
      Looking forward to seeing again. See you in the Sexy pool. Nic n Kev
    3. Jason&Jackie
      Thanks for the friend request! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
    4. loopywoz
      Defo we will be in that sexy pool !!!
    5. loopywoz
      Hi guy thanks for the request we re Lou and warren hope to meet u in June we will be there from the 13 for 2 weeks :)
    6. smokeeater777
      Looking forward to meeting you it ought to be fun
    7. Wideglide022
      Well hello Tom. Danny from Ga. here. We just booked our trip to Temptation and GOV. We are spending 9 days. The 8th thru the 17 th. Are you guys gonna be there the same time as we are ? I thought I seen you guys were going in May also due to Lori's work. Would be great to see you guys. We had a blast last year and look really forward to some fun time. It's been a very busy year for us both. Tell Lori hello for us and hope we get to see you guys....Danny
    8. n8ivetxns
      K - well it sucked last year. We did 1/2 3rd week and 1/2 4th week. Nic/Kev left day we got there and NTP was around but that was about it. All you guys came in 4th week. Plus all the cool non-CCC people we met were 4th week. But with no Howie/ Teresa at all, NTP at GOV, and not sure what's up with Jeff/Jill yet, plus a ton of others = we have no idea for 2014!!
    9. n8ivetxns
      Seriously dude.... 3rd week now? What's up with that? And don't give me any lame excuse about L having a work thing!!
    10. JnLStuck
      Excellent! A full week with you guys??!! Egads, the gals are going to be tough to keep up with! I love it!
    11. helipilot
      He Tom. Was wondering if you guys are going back next June and if you have booked yet.
    12. JnLStuck
      We'll definitely be back next June! Our tentative dates are something like June 7-21, but it's still early. Hmmmmmm........ too much trouble? I guess anything short of getting kicked off the resort or waking up in Mexican jail I setting the bar too high? LOL
    13. JnLStuck
      Pleasure meeting you folks! Wish our trips had overlapped a few more days. I felt an energy from Lucinda whenever she was around Lorie! Be forewarned that if we cross paths again, Lucinda will likely be 'all in' when it comes to partying with her! Tom, you and I may have to kick back and just keep them from getting in too much trouble!
    14. n8ivetxns
      We get there in a few hours. Y'all need to hurry up. I promise to not be such an embarrassment on the chug contest, but I'll be better at beer pong than RZR Dawg. Can't wait!!
    15. n8ivetxns
      See ya at the sexy pool. So glad we get to see y'all for a couple of days.
    16. aflores28405
      Sweet!!! Allison n Chris are our names!!!! See u there
    17. aflores28405
      We will be there June 23rd thru the 27th as well!
    18. britun2
      Hi Guys, sorry to hear we'll miss each other this June. Wish you all the best and hope we meet each other again. Take care, Nic n Kev xx
    19. Shaela&Shaelo
      Hey always good to see more Texans!
    20. britun2
      Oh. Ha ha I could have sworn I read that you were arrivinng the'll be nicely settled in by the time we get'll. Be all tanned and well pickled. 12 days til sexy pool..:)
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    DFW Texas
    Work hard, play harder. Professional beachbum, semi professional tailgater.

    We love the summer, the beach and having fun


    TTR: June '12, '13, '14, '15 ,'16 & '18
    DRM June '16, Feb '18, June '18
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