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Sep 30, 2012
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New Brunswick


Enthusiast, from New Brunswick

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Apr 5, 2013
    1. MelnReg
      I understand completely about tanning. It's a personal choice and so is taking your top off. Like I said, I was always the shy, self concious type and would never dream of taking my top off. My husband really encouraged me to try it (of course!) and have never looked back. It's not a sexual thing, I just find it very liberating. I am positive you are gonna LOVE it at TTR. It is a great place to dance and party. It's the first resort we've been to in Cancun that we don't want to leave, even at night because it is a nonstop party! See you there! ;) Melissa & Reg
    2. MelnReg
      Don't be silly! There is nothing to be nervous about. I am a plus size gal and have struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. The first time before I went I was worried BIG time. I had never even taken my top off before. But first day in I was a changed woman. There are all shapes and sizes and people are not judgemental. That is one of the reasons we love it so much. You are right, be comfortable and confident in your own skin. Be open and you will meet some wonderful people. Do you tan? I find I feel a whole lot better about how I look with a tan. I know it might sound weird but somehow my dimples and jiggles look better with a tan LOL! We are there 16-23
    3. MelnReg
      Are you getting excited?????
    4. Johnandvelma
      Hi there 14-24 mar really looking forward to it. My wife of 23 years and I really enjoy getting away and enjoying ourselves. V already has shopping trips planned with some other couples who we met at Desires in December. IT WILL BE WEIRD HAVING TO WEAR SWIMWEAR ON VACATION. My one and only complaint about this holiday. I hear that there is naked opertunities as in naked volleyball and other events. I will be the guy testing the limits of nakedness for the 10 days we are there. I appologize in advance if my nakedness offends you.
    5. Johnandvelma
      Hi there. Newbi here. First time to temptations really looking forward to it. I lived in Beaver Dam NB for 6 years and loved the east coaster way. Look forward to meeting you and everyone else.
    6. solsticeSassy
      Watch out NB is taking over :o)
    7. MelnReg
      Sorry, I meant what kind of a deal did you get on your package? Definately US money is what we always bring. If you have any questions please feel free. This has been our 5th trip. :)
    8. MelnReg
      Hey guys we're from PEI. Are you guys out of Moncton? What kind of $$$ did you get? We are in the market for March. We just got back with Carl blank Sam.
    9. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Just letting you know we had a beautiful trip although we doubt we will go back in Nov, days are to short and was a little to cool for us, we met some fantastic people but were ready to come home,if you can you should do the boobs cruise you will have a blast,ttys take care
    10. canoecpl
      Hi, I think we will be there at the same time...Mar 9 - 16 for us.
    11. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      My wife and I are heading there in Nov 13_20 and hopefully again
      march or April
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    New Brunswick
    I have been married for just over 13 years and together almost 20. I have an 11 year old son.

    Reading, dancing, singing(not that I am any good), spending time with friends and famly.