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May 22, 2015
Feb 7, 2012
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May 22, 2015
    1. J&T
      So nice to meet you guys...hopefully your trip home was good. Now it's back to reality..DAMN!!! Take care and we wish you two the very best (remember we have the same anniversary of April 7th). :)
    2. gusmell12
      Hope you guys had as much fun as we did...Sorry we really never got to say goodbye...looked for you Friday night at Patyo's...we had to leave at 4 am Sat morning. How was the boobs cruise?
    3. W8ing4thesunND
      See you guys Sat. night!
    4. iacouple45
      this will be our second time, we loved the first, but everyone was so nice the first we are going back
    5. Brinsjr
      We're not sure yet (but we don't have as many nights as you!). Last year they took us to senior frogs, we had a blast (I won a contest-her) & then we went to coco bongo... that place was crazy... JAMMED packed, couldn't really dance or move, but the show was pretty good!
    6. SmilfandBT
      So any of ya'll have any plans or desire to go to a club one night? I know the hotel goes to cocobongo one night but what about a few couples heading to senior frogs or The city or something one night?
    7. SmilfandBT
      Gas, we will be happy to know we are not the only virgins. We are easy to please so I think we will be happy with the resort. I just hope that we dont over do it the very first day. we like to drink. lol
    8. Gaspereau
      We are first timers at the resort staying almost the same dates as you (April 9 - 18) you won't be the only newbies!
    9. Brinsjr
      we are there the 14-18th... this is our 2nd trip. we had a blast the 1st time, you'll have fun! see you there!
    10. SmilfandBT
      We arrive on April 9th late and then will be there until Tuesday the 17th. Its longer than we have been on vacation before so i hope it will feel like two weeks instead of just one.
    11. solsticeSassy
      when are you guys getting to TTR, and don't worry everybody feels at home it is like a big party sith friends and when in doubt follow us ahahhahahah
    12. SmilfandBT
      I really hope we are not going to be the only newbies to TTR when we are there. Although I like that we will be able to people that can show us the ropes.
    13. SharonTerry
      We're there Apr 5-19! Look forward to meeting you! You will love TTR!!
    14. solsticeSassy
      this is not like any other resort you will have so much fun this is our 5th trip fun wise it the best and people just want to mingle and party! welcome newbies we will show you the rope
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