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Jul 1, 2018
Dec 11, 2010
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waskom tx
captain on fire department in louisiana for 24me y


Addict, from waskom tx

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Jul 1, 2018
    1. greeneyedblonde
      Hey there! it would take more than that to stop us from making our trip! We did order some probiotics to take with us per Dawn's suggestion, and she is a nurse, so hope that helps...we are hoping for the best. How many people are actually getting sick? I have only been following June people and haven't seen too many posts about it. Look forward to meeting!
    2. greeneyedblonde
      We also arrive on the 18th in the morning....looking forward to meeting you too, looks like a fun group will be there this year!
    3. Calcouple
      Likewise. Safe travels.
    4. $parkie7
      Yes, the June Theme Nights are what we are going by. Curtis
    5. andrew & Debbie
      andrew & Debbie
      Hi guys,
      See you there ...
      look forward to meeting you, please feel free to pop over and have a drink...or several with us..LOL.
      Thanks for the pics comment, very kind..XX
    6. n8ivetxns
      All I have had is chocolate and caramel and although they were good, they got to be too much. Also, from what I have heard, chocolate can stain if get on clothes. I've heard peppermint and raspberry are good. May want to ask others and get their opinions.
    7. n8ivetxns
      Sorry if I made it confusing :confused:, but YES we will be on the cruise. We wouldn't miss it. :aktion033: If you look at the list Steve posted today, we are listed 2 couples after you.
    8. n8ivetxns
      Thanks for the reminder about the boobs cruise, but we had signed up the day that deposits opened. If you haven't gone, you will have a blast. And don't forget the AIWC!!!
    9. n8ivetxns
      Howdy y'all. Glad to see more Texans coming to TTR for June. You will beat us there by one day. Our dates are 19-25. See you at the sexy pool.
      Brian and Dawn
    10. $parkie7
      It will be nice to meet the both of you too. Especially since you are a fellow brother. This will be our 3rd and 4th Boob Cruise on this trip. You will have a blast!!! We did two Boob Cruises last year and they are always a highlight of the trip.
    11. acjsts
      It will be here before we know it!
    12. Dave N Rose
      Dave N Rose
      At TEMPTATIONS you dont have to know how to dance as long as you know how to smile and have a good time.
    13. Happydenvercpl
      Hey smoke eater, you must be either a firefighter or a barbecue chef!! Randy and Merri from Denver will be there arriving June 5th and staying until the 12th. Randy is a firefighter/paramedic and Merri is an ex=FF/P (gave it up to have kids and wondering why). Will you folks be there the same time as us? Look for us if you are!
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    waskom tx
    captain on fire department in louisiana for 24me y
    wife and i love to party and have a good time

    country boy that loves the outdoors