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Sep 10, 2018
Jan 10, 2012
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Arizona for now...
Currently planning our post-lottery-jackpot lifest


Addict, from Arizona for now...

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Sep 10, 2018
    1. eric ride
      eric ride
      No joke, awesome if you guys head out to the St Louis area let us know we can meet up at a local establishment and soak up some tequila!! or hit a Kenny Chesney show at Riverport!
    2. eric ride
      eric ride
      You sound Hilarious, we are heading to TTR for the first time in early March, Friend requirement checklist, Kenney Chesney, Tequila, No shoes nation pirate flag on the boat, booze, and everything else you have listed, maybe well cya down there sometime!
    3. gonzo1221
      Sorry for taking so long to get back to everyone. Our email is, email me and I will forward the fantasy football info and invite to you. Thanks
    4. Magan&Kent
      We are headed 20-28th Sept When will you be at TTR?
    5. Spicy
      Nice damn avatar!
    6. JenNRich
      Hoping our Jayhawks end Roy's season again today!
    7. benanddeanna23
      I can appreciate the fact you wouldn't take a job in Columbia. LOL Sounds like we hate Kansas as much as you hate us.
    8. benanddeanna23
      We are Missouri Tigers fans! Already don't like you guys. j/k :) Love your pics!
    9. benanddeanna23
      We saw in one of your pics you had a KU shirt on. We live in Kansas but root for Missouri! Are you from Kansas?
    10. Neil_Jo
      We meet 90% of the requirements.Jo had to tell me who this Kenny Chesney fella is though.:confused:
    11. Love&Luck
      We're new to Temptations, new to CCC and had kinda figured on friending just those that would be there while we are. Then I stumbled into you friends requirements. I like it a lot. We could almost copy that except of course you're missing a couple things. Must be a parrothead, must love labs and must generally be unwilling to grow up. I hope we get the chance to party with you someday, TTR, Vegas or where ever!
    12. qccritter
      Love your signature line about friend requirements. I hope we could cross paths someday!
    13. KevMar
      Well, we are booked for Vegas the first week in October!! Can't say you didn't get plenty of warning! haha
    14. SexyCanadians
      We are headed back in May. How about you two?
    15. KevMar
      With that lovely weather you guys get out in AZ I bet you can ride all year! It really isn't too bad where we are, either. We get very little snow, and I don't really mind the cold, so I don't really have to put the bike away for an extended period of time. So when's the next trip? We have a few trips planned (New Orleans for Mardi Gras in Feb, bus trip to diff resort in Mexico in March, back to New Orleans for a conference in April, and there has been talk of a Vegas outing in May) so we are probably looking at May or June before being able to squeeze in a trip to Temptation.
    16. hawtspot
      Beautiful couple!!
    17. KevMar
      Nice pic!
    18. AdamMelissa
      you guys headed back for april 2013? we're thinking about booking our first trip then
    19. D & T
      D & T
      cute couple ;)
    20. couplemadrid
      You look really elegant and Cool
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    Arizona for now...
    Currently planning our post-lottery-jackpot lifest
    Typical married couple...smokin' hot babe ;-p ...and then there's him. :-\

    Partying poolside on vacation or throwing parties at our pool when we aren't in MEX or Vegas


    Snapperheads Friend Requirements™ – You must love tequila, skinny dipping, Las Vegas, booze in general, boobs in general, Kenny Chesney's music, body shots, Mexico, minimal tanlines, Steve's Boobz Cruise, etc. Must have hot tub (we can provide the pool). Must not be a hater of tattoos/piercings or be a member of our family or go to our church.
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