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Dec 28, 2016
Jun 5, 2014
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uk london


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Dec 28, 2016
    1. HottieHolli
      Awesome can't wait! We were there last October too!
    2. Myrtlemayhem
      Hey guys thanks for accepting my friend request.
    3. JnLStuck
      We are sooooooo ready for this vacation! We will be checked in and ready for Paty'O's the evening of the 9th! So excited to hang out with you 2 again!!
    4. yolo33ers
      We are there the 18th (my bday!) until the 23. :) Sandi and Chip
    5. PAULnPAT
      Hi guys, We hope all is well with you, Yes getting closer we need it, looking forward to seeing you two.
    6. PlymCpl2015
      Hello! I believe you've been chatting to my other half and we're going to be there more or less the same time
    7. laserman
      Hi guys.. Karen and Alan ... We are so looking forward to Temptations again.. We always meet such nice people.
    8. westhamcpl
      Hi guys what are you into?
    9. T&M
      Thanks for the reply! We definitely will say hello and look forward to meeting you! We are so excited and this will be our first trip to ttr. Normally we travel to other islands but this will be our first adults only trip and sooo looking forward to it!
    10. DuffBambi
      So excited to see you guys again as well!!! 4 more months!!! It was great to finally see the Oct. roll call!
    11. PAULnPAT
      Yes for sure, that would be great. We, as always can't wait to get there and so the count down begins :) We will for sure have to look out for each other on the 6th :)
    12. Mork and Mindy
      Mork and Mindy
      Hmmm , we took P+V to Coventry bus station yesterday evening ,,,, if fairness we had every chance of having the 14 days at TTR with them but i was concerned about getting all my work done and being away from the farm for 14 days ,,,,,, so we settled for 9 days instead ,,,,, as it happens ive got my work all done and we could of made the 2 weeks ,,,, what a bitch LOL
      go on then , why 'soggytits'
    13. Mork and Mindy
      Mork and Mindy
      we are dropping our friends off at the coach park today , they are heading over there 5 days ahead of us ,,,, we had the option of going today but thought the 9 days would be enuff for us on our first visit ,,,,, big regrets now ,, wish we were going with them ,,,, hey ho
    14. si & j
      si & j
      no we are there in nov where abouts are you we are in rochester kent so not far from you x
    15. Yessir
      Ha we'll sort you out an arrival round!

      Were up north near manchester
    16. Yessir
      Hi there, we will be there 30th Sept - 14th Oct! So don't be shy.... Come and say hi!!!
    17. hut91
      Not till 2016 ! It's going to be a crazy
      year !
    18. abervs
      Sounds good to us :-) Can't wait to escape the real world for a couple of weeks!
    19. malnadi
      HI, we arrive 30th sep, 1st Oct is our wedding anniversary, there until the 14th
    20. dynamite
      We will be there 9-19
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