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Mar 1, 2012
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May 8
Houston, TX
Stripper & Tipper


T&A Tour Guide, from Houston, TX

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Oct 22, 2017 at 3:33 PM
    1. fun4two
      Hi, we are there from Oct 25 to Nov 2, hopefully we will meet you both during our stay, great pictures by the way
    2. LadynTramp
      So tell us what is really going on. We've been told by 3 other couples that things at present are horrid.....or Worse! They say they've attempted to give reviews but........
    3. Stacia_and_John
      End Feb and into March, but I guess it counts..... Stacia and I end up at the Westin-Cancun from Feb. 25-28 (very inexpensive, special mailer worked out), and then we'll taxi over to Desire RM for Mar. 1 thru 3. Anyone else going to be in Cancun, as in the party club zone for a night out on the clubs end-February? DRM has its own party time at night!
    4. wild1s
      Are you all going to the B.C. party in Dallas in Feb?
    5. Jenjoeusa
      Hi.. friend me please. .lots of fun pics to trade and share
    6. JimCarrie
      Liked your post on TTR exhiles, rubbin our noses in it, shoulda'known a LoneStarLegend would get/take credit for WhiteShirtNight. Next time we're in SAT, look y'all up!
      We'll toast in your absence at Sens for Halloween.
    7. SexxyFunnCpl
      We are Paul & Renea. We will post some more photos today in an album on our profile page so that will help. We will be looking for you two on the 12th.
    8. SexxyFunnCpl
      Looking forward to meeting you two. We are there from the 10th to the 15th
    9. Stacia_and_John
      Sure. Started in traditional Aikido at age 8, too young. Did that 2 years, sensei followed real world career and left. Shifted as many kids of that age did, to Karate of garage-style ryu, sort of. Really got into Taekwondo first year in college, eventually got up to a few dan grades in that. Did Hapkido as well during this period. Did 5 years in Muay Thai, F-ing LOVED that, had some full-contact bouts and won, but never got a knock-out, ack. Got into judo in law school, then back into aikido, full circle, about 24 years later. Now doing primarily aikido and judo... but it comes "out" more like aikijutsu due to personality. Not terribly ... passive. Ha! Not mean, but not really gentle either.

    10. newtwo
      I see john does the arts! Can i ask what style?
    11. Whis&Miss
      Nice pics!!
    12. Stacia_and_John
      Sure thing... we're there 12-20. Good group of 4,, perhaps 5 couples who all know one another and for all but one of them (us) it is their wedding anniversary month. It'll be a good time. Look forward to meeting you guys.
    13. IndyCpl25
      Hello, we are going to be there Aug 14-23. I think you were there last year when we were there, but we never met.

      Sounds like you guys really get into the theme nights, I love that!
      Maybe we will run into you at the sexy pool this time :)

      Mrs Indycpl
    14. Chris&Rhonda
      John and Stacia we met you on our last trip. Very interesting couple you two are, look forward to our next encounter. :)
    15. Chris&Rhonda
      We met last trip. Great couple you guys!
    16. Redvelvet
      We look forward to meeting y'all 13-21
    17. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      Happy Birthyday
    18. Cortus
      These guys are so awesome!
    19. eric ride
      eric ride
      very cool we are booked now the 2nd to the 9th in march, cant wait to have a beer again poolside
    20. eric ride
      eric ride
      Hello there Grand poo ba and king of the fun in the sun, hey we have booked again and are again hoping that you guys will be heading to temptation again somewhere in the march 2-9th vicinity, we are booked and are looking forward to getting down there!!!!!! hope you guys are well and look forward to partying with you guys again!!
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    May 8
    Houston, TX
    Stripper & Tipper
    Stacia & John have been married only a short time... say almost 20 years.

    She pole-dances, seriously. He does martial arts and watches her dance.
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