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May 8
Houston, TX
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T&A Tour Guide, from Houston, TX

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Oct 13, 2018 at 10:53 AM
    1. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      Happy Birthyday
    2. Cortus
      These guys are so awesome!
    3. eric ride
      eric ride
      very cool we are booked now the 2nd to the 9th in march, cant wait to have a beer again poolside
    4. eric ride
      eric ride
      Hello there Grand poo ba and king of the fun in the sun, hey we have booked again and are again hoping that you guys will be heading to temptation again somewhere in the march 2-9th vicinity, we are booked and are looking forward to getting down there!!!!!! hope you guys are well and look forward to partying with you guys again!!
    5. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      I can't wait to meet you guys, this group sounds like a blast. we'll have been there for a week already, but depending on how the first boob cruise goes, we may do another when you guys arrive!! LOL See you in Oct.
    6. Welchjuice
      Hi Guys, We just got reservations for October 4-11. Can't wait to join the October breast group and meet more people. Sounds like a fun bunch! See you there.
    7. Welchjuice
      Are there any other things we need to book before the trip such as boobs cruise etc?
    8. Welchjuice
      John and Stacia, we are in the process of making reservations for the first week of October. Want to find out what the Octoberbreast is all about. Hope to make some friends this trip. We were sick five of the seven days we were there last trip even though we were outside during the day we couldn't do the night life.
    9. helipilot
      Hello, thanks for the info on the thread.... are you guys going in june?
    10. Randy&Kay
      hey guys, met you in March. We live in Downtown Houston. Hosting bar crawl Saturday. I had mentioned we do this occasionally to Stacia and she was interested. If you want more details you can text me (Kay at 832-607-8490).
    11. Welchjuice
      Hey Again, when we met you guys at TTR the first of this month Jim said you mentioned going back again this year. I was checking to see if that's your plan and if so when
      Sandra from Florida
    12. SNHcouple
      Hey love the new pics! ;)
    13. Randy&Kay
      Hi there
      This is Kay, spoke with Stacia a few times and told her about us hosting bar crawls in downtown Houston. If you want us to let you know when our next one will be just give us a shout.
    14. Welchjuice
      Hi Stacia & John, we really enjoyed meeting you both at the Temp. You are such friendly people and down to earth. Hope to meet again soon. Sandra & Jim from Florida
    15. VegasBecky
      Thanks Stacia.....that makes much better sense to me. :) cheers!
    16. VegasBecky
      Stacia, You listed the theme nights for March (thank you!) I am a first timer to TTC and their website has different things listed. I don't want to pack the wrong things. Could you help me understand? Thanks! We will be there the 19th-22nd of March.
    17. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      We are booked at TTR June 13-20
      Maybe we will see you there
    18. Stacia_and_John
      Probably not April this year, though we'd have liked to. We've got our U.K. friends we met at BBG/TTR in 2007 coming for a 3-wk visit in late April/early May. So, we'll probably go back in later May, around the 18th or so....
    19. MignonA
      Hi you two, not sure if you remember us from 2 years ago, lol that's a long time...will you be at TTR in April? Min
    20. Stacia_and_John
      Hi you two, I didn't have time to jump into Roll Call to check exact days, when will you guys be at TTR?

      for Stacia & John
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    May 8
    Houston, TX
    Stripper & Tipper
    Stacia & John have been married only a short time... say almost 20 years.

    She pole-dances, seriously. He does martial arts and watches her dance.
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