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May 8
Houston, TX
Stripper & Tipper


T&A Tour Guide, from Houston, TX

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Sep 18, 2018 at 6:51 PM
    1. Randy&Kay
      hi there
      saw we will be there at same time and just wanted to say hi
    2. Stephen&Traci
      Was hoping you were going to say you booked February 1 - 6. Don't see many booking those dates but was only time we could go
    3. Clint & Julie Anderson
      Clint & Julie Anderson
      We got one trip booked for May 15th-20th but might have to adjust days a little depending on airfare, just wanted to get a jacuzzi suite this time. We will probably do another trip around around end of September also. Thinking about splitting our second week at desire. Have you guys been there?
    4. Clint & Julie Anderson
      Clint & Julie Anderson
      Thanks for the info, we became members last time we were there in September and look forward to utilizing all the benefits. It sure seemed like the extra perks we got the last time we were at TTR was well worth it. We also plan on visiting Desire and that is another reason we went ahead and bought this time. Maybe we will get a chance to meet up at TTR one of these trips.
    5. Clint & Julie Anderson
      Clint & Julie Anderson
      Great album, we look forward to meeting you guys. Hope the dates work out. Notice the white bracelets, how long have you been premier members and is it worth it?
    6. Shaved Yeti
      Shaved Yeti
      I'm glad it turned out well for you two. I miss Hawaii! I'll probably head there for a visit again.
    7. Shaved Yeti
      Shaved Yeti
      Oh NO!!! Hawaii is getting hammered with two hurricanes right about now! I was there 22 years ago (as a young Marine) when it got hit by Iniki! It was a mess.

      It's been two and a half years since I've been to TTR, and MAN do I want to go back.
    8. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      This was our first year to go and we had a BLAST
      Didn't do the Boob Cruise maybe next year
      We are looking to go back probably the second week of June.
      What about you guys
    9. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      Hey guys. Thanks for accepting our invite
    10. TexasFunnSun
      Hello: I tried to send the below by a PM, but who knows if I did it right!
      Thanks for the info on Jacuzzis. Since you all have been many times, what time of year would you say is best? Seems like May is one of your favs. May is our anniversary month and wife's Bday is May 9 so always a good month. We are in Houston also. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you., Ron
    11. Shaved Yeti
      Shaved Yeti
      Hey you guys!

      I haven't been on this forum in a LONG time! And a lot has happened.

      Anyhow, I'm planning a trip to TTR in October sometime. When is your next trip?

    12. scott/jen
      When you guys going back? We were there same time Aug 2012.
    13. GoGoBlanco
      I think you are mistaking us for someone else? Not registered with CS but we are on the Desire forum.
    14. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      Well, I don't know what time you guys got there but we laid kinda low on the 19th because of the weather. We were on the Boobs Cruise on the 20th and we spent the day on the island on the 21st. And, sadly, we had to leave on the 22nd. So, that's how it happened. We had the same thought a while ago and then had this realization.
    15. HotAUfans
      Hey guys, just wanted to say it was great to meet you both. Hope to see you again some day.
    16. vanislcpl
      We see your posts all the time but never have stopped to say hi. So hello therrrre are you all ready to go. Sounds like you have been there a few times. We look forward to hearing some great stories
    17. DD_Mike
      Hey guys, really enjoy your posts. The April Addicts have now anointed ya'll honorary membership. See ya Apr '15...u can leave your hat on....JC
    18. humperandwoody
      Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!!!
    19. Ed-Laura
      Going May 10th to 17th!
    20. AZFunn
      We're coming in on 5/8 and looking forward to a much needed getaway!
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    May 8
    Houston, TX
    Stripper & Tipper
    Stacia & John have been married only a short time... say almost 20 years.

    She pole-dances, seriously. He does martial arts and watches her dance.
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