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Oct 11, 2016
Sep 27, 2013
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Sue & Ted

Enthusiast, from Alberta

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Oct 11, 2016
    1. Sheila&Edgar
      I hate this, but we will not be making it in October. We are going to miss seeing you guys. We have plans for May 22-29. Have a good time in October.
    2. dk&lin
      boobs cruise alert.... mon oct. 27th ps. get on the oct roll call
    3. Sheila&Edgar
      We are going back for Halloween this year, you guys up for it?
    4. canoecpl
      Hello, we are there at the same time..9-16 for us. Hope to meet and say 'hi'.
    5. dk&lin
      :whisper: Psssst.... don't tell her i told you but it's linda's B-DAY the 24th also.... DK
    6. dk&lin
      We are leaving on the 29th. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
    7. dk&lin
      Hi guys!! That's great, the whole gang is together again. We arrive the 23rd, we will behave until you arrive, promise! (ps- still have not uploaded my pics from the last trip!)
    8. mikathy
      Hey you 2, we just wanted to let you know that we are planning our next trip to TTR for Feb. 5-12 hoping to see you again ;)
    9. dk&lin
      hi guys, hope all is well up north and you arent buried in snow yet. today was our first cold day here since we got back from TTR. we like your new pic and we seem to remember that day fondly. you two made it extra fun. we wanted you to know that tonite we booked april 9th till the 14th. why not try to join us again. i'll keep the halo and i think theres no hope for linda and ted. all the best lin and donnie
    10. TomandMelinda
      I love the new picture!!!
    11. mikathy
      Hey It was so great meeting you guys, hope u enjoyed the rest of your time there!!
    12. tr2727
      The chinese is good and any night is fine. I forget the other restaurants to be
    13. tr2727
      Dam i wish we were leaving at the same time....Hey , see if you can book dinners at the different restaurants for the four of us!!!
    14. bobandangie
      We arrive about 3 pm Monday. See you at sexy pool!
    15. punkinncream
      Look forward to meeting you guys! Cannot wait to get there. We will be there from 10/21-10/30. Hope to make new friends and have a blast!! ;)
    16. Wattsup
      Thanks for the friends request. We look forward to meeting you both. This will be our 4th cruise. They've all been a blast. See you soon.
    17. Canadian Dos Equis fan
      Canadian Dos Equis fan
      haha kind of a toughie! That seems to be when people are just starting to get there for Halloween.
    18. tr2727
      Yes i can't wait either....look forward to relaxing and good times to be had with you guys
    19. Sheila&Edgar
      Yes it should be! Looking forward to it!
    20. MACLAN
      For your picture to show up in post, follow this...

      Go to User CP in upper left corner (first in line User CP / FAQ...)

      Under settings and Options click "Edit Avatar"

      Add picture here...

      You should be all set.

      The picture you have up is your profile picture which only shows in your profile not your post.
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