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Oct 2, 2018
Feb 18, 2011
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I can choose my own title, from Chicago

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Oct 2, 2018
    1. AdventureCpl
      Hope you guys made it home safely- Ya'll were so much fun to party with. Find us on Facebook- Kimberly Willard and Steve Willard :) Hopefully we will see you guys at TTR again soon or maybe Mardi Gras one year!
    2. Aaron & Becky
      Aaron & Becky
      Gonna be a great week! See you soon
    3. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      Love reading your posts and all the pics thanks for sharing
    4. DT
      Hi Guys... We share the same dates as you. 5th time, yep we are addicted to TTR! Love those pole dancing pics, hopefully we can see a live performance on the Temptation stage. Save us a spot in the sexy pool :) - Danny & Tasha

      BTW, are you going on the cruise?
    5. AdventureCpl
      Thanks for the add- looks like we will both be on the July 4th boobs cruise. Can't wait!
    6. DavidnJessica
      We enjoyed partying hard with you guys! So much fun! Can't wait to do it again!
    7. Popeyes&olive
      Hi both thanks for your like Phill & Ange
    8. Sexyvip
      First time for us. June 28 - July 5. What are the theme nights for end of June. ALAN and DINA
    9. Gene & Stacy
      Gene & Stacy
      Great thread and pictures of "what face book see and what CCC sees". Really Funny as it must be true!
    10. DavidnJessica
      Are you going to make the cruise on the 29th?
    11. JC & MJ
      JC & MJ
      We leave the 29th. So we should have a couple of days to party
    12. jtandmm
      Only if second round can be off us! :flash: Lots of great pics you have BTW!
    13. jtandmm
      Hey there! We're looking forward to meeting you two this year!
    14. DavidnJessica
      Looks like our days are the same hope to bump into you
    15. Thenaturals
      Hey guys we are planning our next tempt visit...are you guys going anytime soon?? Dan and Lisa
    16. Vegas couple
      Vegas couple
      Jim has landed
    17. Azzurricpl
      Yes it was a great time. I will send you our email once I figure out how to send a private message.
    18. Vegas couple
      Vegas couple
      Look forward to the pics;)

      No Dan & lisa aren't on here:(
      We I asked and told them our user name for when them join up!
    19. BogeyBirdie
      It was good to met you last week. Just wanted to drop you a note so we can stay in touch. Let us know next time you are planning a trip and we will see about going at the same time. After all I need to be there to bow down to the queen. Take care and have a great summer
    20. sweetchildomine
      was thinking the same but unfortunately we aren't even staying at TTR, we are only hoping on the BC. Last day of our family vacation in cancun and want to live it up right. Hope you guys have a blast on your trip.
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    TTR addicts since 2011, love to travel and stir up shenanigans!

    Music, bellydance, travel and adventure


    Todd and Laura
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