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Oct 6, 2017
Feb 16, 2012
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accounting & receiving clerk


I can choose my own title, from Minnesota

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Oct 6, 2017
    1. DT
      Hi, we went on the BC together on the 11th. Did u enjoy the cruise? And your vacation as well?
    2. Mel&Ben
      Unfortunately, we'll be there from the 4th-9th! Hope you guys have a great time!!
    3. in2it
      Hello! We are Phyllis and Joel and will be there July 2-12th. What are your trip dates? Looks like you're doing the 11th Boob Cruise, and so are we! Let's try to meet up before the cruise!
    4. Joylkersten
      Did you guys just go??? I'm so Jealous! We have been crazy busy with work and with my oldest graduating high school. Let me know how your trip was. June seems like a perfect month to go. We need to get back there soon.
    5. summerbum
      Sounds like we're missing each other by just a couple weeks. We hope you guys have a fantastic time--we'll have to compare notes when you get back :)
    6. DT
      Nice to meet u 2. See u two on the 11th Cruise!
    7. RandE
      Can't wait! When are ur dates ?!?!?!
    8. carribean
      Hi guys, we'll be there around the same time. March27-April3rd. Looking forward in meeting new people.
    9. TylerandKelly
      I say just book it and work it out later. The lomger you wait the more expensive it may get.
    10. TylerandKelly
      hey guys!!! week 8 u in for this yerar or what??? going to be a blast!!!!
    11. sassycouples69
      So True Hun!!! LMFAO
    12. sassycouples69
      Love ur Post about the Family issues lol.. Way to Go!!
    13. Joylkersten
      Hi Guys!!! I hope all is well at home. I'm so glad we met you while at temptation. I just now started to peel after our week in the sun. I can't wait for the next vacation, I got ill as soon as I got home. This might have been brewing my whole trip, could explain why I was a party pooper. Take care!!
    14. summerbum
      I guess you're back to "sweetchild" it appears. And how's your livers treatin ya? Back to normal is SO overrated. Great trip report Scott. Fun to read. Glad we shared some good memories. Pictures are being shared and sent. Got some good ones from Tim on Boobs cruise too.
    15. Sexykarma2017
      Hey S and K, how was your week? Looking forward to hearing your second impression! As good as last year or better?
    16. Lenni & Jodie
      Lenni & Jodie
      lol, I just tried finding you guys by searching Sweetchildofmine....couldn't figure out why I couldn't find you...lol So Hot Cock, it was very nice meeting you two. Hope you guys had fun and a safe ride back.
    17. SandyT
      Your vacation is soon gonna start....see you both on Friday !!
    18. Someonejoe
      So you are right, I do need a pic just don't have any new pics but did put one up though it only seams to show if you go to my profile? It was this last summer just be for aroura! So now I'm all blond!
    19. Someonejoe
      We did miss out on the cruse! That is the lest of my problems though.

      I'm having a realy hard time, I just need some one to give me some realy personal advice. Should I get a buba keg or a camle back for my drinks, or just use there's cuse I tend to guzzle? We are on a wait list for the cruse, but if that falls though...... I'm still were I want to be! The sexy pool is 100% better than work! What time do you get in on the 26th? That week is going to be a blast!
    20. Someonejoe
      What up! I see that you get to go on the boobs cruse on the day I'm there! Lucky! Any way what is your favorite drink? What is the miss fav? Can't wait to get to Cancun and ttr! Hope to see you a round! By the way I do like Tequila!
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    accounting & receiving clerk
    love meeting new fun friends

    hunting, fishing, outdoors, family fun, hanging out with friends.. drinking with friends,


    2012, 2013, 2014(BC here we come)
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