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Aug 12, 2014
Jun 5, 2014
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West Texas-Oil Country
Oil and gas/local radio personality Hubby is a cla

TawnyTRC&Chef Mike

Enthusiast, from West Texas-Oil Country

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Aug 12, 2014
    1. TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      OH MY GOSH LORI!!!!!!!!!! Yes we must find a way to exchange some pics....I took one today of Michaels battle scars....still has red marks from Chino!!!!
    2. aliveinlove
      It was great to meet you guys... Hope to see you next year!!!
    3. LJjustme
      Luv and miss you two crazy cuties. I have lots of pics to send your way! Definitely need to coordinate our schedules for next trip- GlockGirl :)
    4. TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      Ah yes the batman under-roo's! I dont think I will ever get that image out of my head....but then why would I want to!!! LOL! So much fun but waaaaaaaaaaaay too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to really the troops for next time and all go together!!!!
    5. Batgirl70
      Hey crazy couple. Had such a blast with you guys. I'll have fond memories or nightmares of chefs batman pants and his lil tight whities!!!
    6. TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      One day and 20 hours!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!
    7. aliveinlove
      Well, Now only one day to go for us!!!
    8. aliveinlove
      Hmmmm.... Think we are both counting big time!!!! Meet you guys by the pool before we know it... We will arrive at Hotel around 1:00... Tick Toc... Tick Toc
    9. aliveinlove
      Well at least it is Thursday and we're another day closer!!
    10. aliveinlove
      Sheesh, this week is taking forever!
    11. aliveinlove
      See you soon!!!!
    12. aliveinlove
      Look forward to meeting at TTR and safe travels...
    13. VegasCpl
      Thanks for the friend request! Hope to see you guys there!
    14. 2temptu
      cya there guys
    15. KissTheChef
      awesome I'm a chef as well. my girlfriend and I are noobies and we'll be there for the first time august 5th-11th..drinks on me! lol
    16. Tony from CaliBay
      Tony from CaliBay
      Hi Tawny and Mike. Looks like we will be at TTR at the same time. Hope to buy you both a drink!
    17. aliveinlove
      Nice to be friends and look forward to meeting you both! Looking forward to this year's vacation at TTR and meeting new friends!!
    18. TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      TawnyTRC&Chef Mike
      Oh my gosh super excited! Wow....I am easily excited....We have actually never been to a boobs cruise but we really wanna go this year, weve been to CocoBongo and it was the most absolute best time EVER!!! I wonder if we could get a group going now for Coco....
    19. j&l1987
      Never been to ttr. We've been to hedo a few times. Thought we would try something closer to home. We'll be there July 29 August 4. How wild is the boobs cruise?
    20. j&l1987
      You guys are from dry Texas? We fortunately are from Oklahoma were we have had a ton of rain. Your first time also? When are tall going?
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    West Texas-Oil Country
    Oil and gas/local radio personality Hubby is a cla
    Michael is a rock star Chef and I'm just a rock star

    Sing, dance, wine, fun, parties...always parties at our place!....glitter...lots of glitter!


    Tonya (or Tawny whichever you prefer):xyxthumbs: and
    Chef Mike:biggrinbandit:
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