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Mar 6, 2011
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Schaumburg, IL


Guru, from Schaumburg, IL

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Oct 14, 2018 at 9:15 PM
    1. fjsone1
      Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. Hope we get to meet you guys one day.
    2. JessCorey
      You guys should join our late May group chat!
      PM us about it
      1. TonyandLisa
        Sorry I (Lisa) have been really busy lately and dont have much time for chatting outside of the message board and FB groups. I cant wait to meet you all in a few days though!!! I'm generally the one that does most of the chatting on the message boards, Tony will pop up every now and then but not as frequently.
        May 13, 2017
        JessCorey likes this.
    3. teamDMFP
      Hey guys, wondering if you're still planning to do the BC? What date are you looking at? We're thinking the 30th since the 25th is the same day as the pirate ship cruise.
      1. JessCorey
        Do both!
        May 4, 2017
      2. JessCorey
        Jess here I reaaally think u guys should do the 25th because pirate ship welcomes families (kids) and we won't be there on the 30th! We gotta recruit cuz we have a short trip and are going for the boobs cruise!!! Lol
        May 4, 2017
      3. TonyandLisa
        I don't think we are doing a boobs cruise this year.
        May 5, 2017
        JessCorey likes this.
    4. Carlos&Alicia
      Hi guys, so your group will be +12? Nice! any thoughts on theme nights? See you guys in May. We will be there from 5/19-30.
      1. JessCorey likes this.
      2. TonyandLisa
        Lisa usually keeps track of the theme nights but she's been really busy with work and school. I'm sure as it gets closer she'll be on here everyday lol.
        Mar 11, 2017
        Carlos&Alicia likes this.
    5. Carlos&Alicia
      See you guys in May!!
    6. Butch-N-Amy
      It was nice meeting you two!
    7. RiceAndBeans
      hey guys! sorry we never met up with yall again, and we wished we could have met yall a lot sooner
    8. jhoward8
      Ill be there May24th-June2nd look forward to seeing you. GO CUBBIES
    9. Funtwo40s
      Our first May trip
    10. Funtwo40s
      We'll miss you by a week or so , we have only ever gone in April
    11. Funtwo40s
    12. Butch-N-Amy
      Looks like we cross over at the end of your trip for a couple of days. We usually go in December so we are excited to meet some new people and see what the summer party is like.
    13. Kevin_Ailsha
      Great albums. Looks like we will be both b at TTR in May but different dates. Do ya'll go any other times during the year?
    14. paulandcornie
      Hey! was great meeting you two as well. You guys are a blast. Hopefully we'll have a chance to meet up with you two again in the future.
    15. tncouple
      Great meeting you guys this year! We had a blast :)
    16. DandH
      hope we can hang out more this time!! see you guys next Wednesday
    17. Partyometer
      Hey, I came across one of your posts on a forum and noticed you are from Schaumburg. A group of us are partying on Friday 5/16 in Schaumburg! You guys should join us! PM me if you are interested!!
    18. Todd and Dawn
      Todd and Dawn
      So excited to get back, and you with your new hot bikini body!! :)
    19. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      It's too bad we didn't get a chance to meet you two. The Boobs Cruise for the 19th was postponed a day due to the weather so we were on that for the 20th and then we spent the 21st, our last day, on the island, which was a lot of fun. Maybe we will catch up up with you next year. It looks like that will be our next trip.
    20. Todd and Dawn
      Todd and Dawn
      My voice is still gone too what the hell??? Had a blast with you too hope we do it again.
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    Schaumburg, IL
    Married couple, happy, fun loving just looking to have a good time!


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