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May 10, 2013
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May 7
Cancun, Mexico


Cancuncare Staff, from Cancun, Mexico

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Jan 17, 2018
    1. Xander1
      What theme nights are going on August 27th to September 3rd
    2. Rickpa
      Hi Trina. My name is Richard. Can I ask you about the Boobs Cruise pics from June 27/14. How can I get those. Those pics were not posted. Thanks
    3. allydon10
      Trina my name is Allison Smathers and I made the deposit for two for the boobs cruise tomorrow and it accepted it and pay pal confirmed the deposit! I'm seeing it's sold out today and wanted to find out confirmation that my spot for two is confirmed for tomorrow?
    4. ToBu
      I have uploaded a photo. Would you please add it to our name on the July and August roll calls? We are coming July 29 - August 25. Thank you.
    5. Kev_Watson
      Hi Trina, I have enterted my dates for my trip onto the Calendar Event from September 25th - October 9th but it is not being picked up for the September or October Roll Calls.


      Kevin (kev_watson)
    6. Dreamers
      Hi Trina! Thanks for keeping the roll calls up to date. Because of you, we can look out for new and old friends during our visits to TTR. Hope to meet you one day. Cheers!
    7. ToBu
      Please add us to the July and August roll calls. First time visit July 29 - August 5. Thanks.
    8. Kim&Kerry
      We will be there August 29th - Sept. 3rd add us to the roll call for both months or whichever you think is best. Ready to have some fun.
    9. Tony from CaliBay
      Tony from CaliBay
      Hi Trina,
      I will be there July 29 to August 10. Can you please add me to the July and August Roll Call! Thank You Beautiful!
    10. SamJama
      Hi Trina, We will be at Temptation from June 27th to July 4th. Would you please add us to the list. I'll add pics later today. Do you think you can arrange one more Booze Cruise during the week? We will be travelling on Fridays. Hate to miss it! Thanks
      Sam and Jama
    11. edie&tom phx
      edie&tom phx
      Edie&tom will be there July 4th thru 12th. Our 5th trip there can't wait
    12. CoupleDM827
      Hi Trina I will be vacationing at Temptation from August 20-28, 2014? Please add me to the roll call list
    13. face2112
      Do you know what the cruise for June the 13th looks like, did enough people join?
    14. jimy
      hi trina
      we r visiting june 3
    15. okc_mark
      Trina, Thanks for adding us to the GOV May Rollcall, can you answer why our picture didnt show up? Do I have something checked, I shouldnt?..Thanks for your help.
    16. P&KL
      Thanks a bunch!
    17. P&KL
      Can you add our picture to the roll call. At this point you have us on the roll call list with no picture. Thanks P&KL April 13 - 23.
    18. travel2014
      Hello I a single Canadian male going to Temptation for the first time. I am looking to get to know fun people that have been to there before if you do not mind communicating.
    19. DickandJane
      Have you had any requests to organize a tour to Chichen Itza and a cenote or two (but don't have to be the really popular ones) for a couple to 10 people max and they are looking to be brought together with others looking during the same time period? We are there from Feb 7 - 14, the 8 through 13th would be the days we could go.

      Just thought if you had a name or two of drivers to share, and or if there are others looking to be linked to do a small group tour that we'd be happy for some intel.


      Dick and Jane
    20. ricksparty
      Hi Trina i am looking for a adults only vacation in cancun and was told your the go to person . I want someplace clean and safe and with good food and drinks thank you.
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