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Aug 11, 2014
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tw1mempho was last seen:
Dec 6, 2018 at 2:03 PM
    1. toolguy27
      Wel.good. Hope to see you there
    2. iuband
      First timer at TTR. Going to be there Aug 16-19. Hope to see you there.
    3. tw1mempho
      we are going to TTR from 17 August to 24 August. Not to far away now. How about ya'll ?
      1. Vodkawater likes this.
    4. Wildonwater
      What dates will u guys b there?
    5. Sharon_and_Ivan
      Had a great time at Billy Idol!
    6. fjsone1
      Thanks for the pic comment guys....def a good time!
    7. wehatesnow
      I changed the privacy settings so only friends could see it.... I thought we were friends on here?
    8. wehatesnow
      Glad your liking the pics :) thank you for all the nice comments . We hope you like the one we just posted ;)
    9. RayParis6
      We will be there 16-20
    10. wehatesnow
      How was your trip ?
    11. wehatesnow
      No problem , enjoy the rest of your vacation :)
    12. tw1mempho
      Hey, thanks for the help... we have reservations from aug 17 to 24, 2016. Pretty well locked in. Our third trip to TTR. I really do not care too much on the upgrades but wife would love them...the way she is ... lol... I am willing to go thur the tour if wife gets upgrades (do not have to change rooms but would like the other stuff especially the 2 lobster dinners - both for her of course ), but would probably not buy this year unless negotiations went really well. I have been going back to old posts regarding referrals and the changes they have gone thru since the early years. Interesting stuff.

      I seem to save money by going in slow seasons and buying packages online or thru my travel agent than what TTR is offering. We have been going once a year, but thinking about changing that to twice a year.

      ( I go to the Philippines twice a year now, so do not want to disturb that situation ... I love TTR but it cannot compare ...just saying...)

      anyway thanks for your advise...
    13. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Oh...I also have yacht privileges if you wanted to rent the yacht.
    14. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      I can help you with referrals..price or to answer your questions you may have. Just let me know when you want to go.
    15. rlc9cheeks
      Thanks for accepting! Hope to see you two at ttr sometime!
      I'll try to keep the jeep under 70 and all wheels on the ground!
    16. La M&M
      La M&M
      Arriving on the 27th around 3 hope to meet yall
    17. Rudy and Debbie
      Rudy and Debbie
      We will be in Cancun the 28th - 6th, hope to meet you!
    18. ineedajuice
      Hi there how do you post the dates your going to be at Temptations?
    19. WestHoustonCouple
      Thanks for the detailed trip report.
      Question: what's the "...had to pay 444 peso (php) for cigars..."
      I always bring cigars when on vacation, & see that Temptations has a cigar lounge...

      You also mentioned about taking pictures around the resort, so are there good spots to take pics...?

      Nick & Angie
    20. tw1mempho
      Hey, yes it was a great week for Us... I felt that U handle yourself very well on the boat. I got a picture of my wife and your in the back ground... don't worry it will not be posted anywhere.. unless U run for President or something
      we are planning to go back , probably late summer on 2015. We have a trip to the Philippines plan for spring 2015 and will need sometime to recover from that trip... hope U stay a member on this site (as I plan to) and we can keep up with future plans to visit TR... Have a good fall...
      tim and gina....
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