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    1. 2Excited!
      Great to meet you Tim and Tina!! Thanks for always being friendly and taking the time to say hi every day. And yes, I'm still alive! Lol. Hope you guys had a good time and maybe I'll see ya again sometime!
    2. txcple75
      Well I am all booked in from Oct when this is this "Boobs Cruise"....because that sounds like fun!
    3. JustaddVodka
      Hi Neighbors! We are from Memphis also.
    4. tw1mempho
      We are in... paid our deposit yesterday... now all we have to do is two things..make sure we wake up and not miss the boat...and make sure we do not get sunburn ... the little wife in the backyard in her little bikini sun tanning yesterday... while I grilled chicken breasts and drank some cold beers... 3 weeks to go....
    5. Anna and Chris
      Anna and Chris
      Like everyone else is saying... We hope to see y'all on the boobs cruise!
    6. tw1mempho
      thanks , still not sure about the Cruise, got a week or two before we really decide. If we do not go, we will be waiting for ya'll at the Party Pool I am sure...
      Cannot wait to see everyone Friday night... we have our CCC bracelets in hand
    7. applesauce
      You gotta do the Boobs Cruise!

      We'll bring extra sunscreen to make sure you don't get too crispy!

      It usually is the highlight of everyone's trip.

      Alice & Andrew
    8. tw1mempho
      thanks. not sure about the Cruise, since we get in the night before (friday) do not want to get too sunburn the first full day on site and being on the boat all day could cause problems with all of the free liquor .. but still in discussion with wife...also, might have a hard time getting up that Saturday morning since that first Friday night will be a new experience for but like I said still undecided...
    9. Kevin_Ailsha
      Hope to see ya'll on boobs cruise 20th!
    10. tw1mempho
      Thanks for the help... a little confusing but will figure it out after a few bars at the party pool...I am sure...
    11. Kevin_Ailsha
      Welcome! You will get the orange wristband when you go on boobs cruise but they can be bought at party store or amazon. Just helps id folks who are at TTR and on ccc
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