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Nov 30, 2014
Dec 2, 2012
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Bismarck, nd


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Nov 30, 2014
    1. DeBlonde1
      We'll be on our way out on the 22nd. We are leaving, as you arriving! Too bad!!
    2. twister7
      Looking forward to meeting you both! I see your there until the 23rd so Im hoping we can have a drink or 2 :) on the 22nd when we arrive. Look for us around 3:00ish. Did you get on the Feb 20th cruise?
    3. work2play
      Looking forward to seeing you two at TTR in a few weeks. It's going to be a great time!
    4. MHaag
      You have been letting the liver rest, while I have been working mine out daily. Are you going to be able to hang?
    5. badinfluence
      It sounds like its going to be a pretty wild time! This time waiting in the cold is going so slow!! 14 degrees here
    6. twister7
      OK, I'll start a thread for feb 20-28th. I dont expect a seat at 3:00ish but I sure will be ready for a cold one!! surprise surprise!!
    7. Tim N Jolynn
      Tim N Jolynn
      I agree we need a thread for those dates. It's my fourth time to cancun but first to temptations. It's my wife's first time to Mexico. Would love to meet you guys as well. We'll save you a seat at the pool!!
    8. crissynchris
      We should be at the pool by mid-afternoon! Can't wait!!
    9. twister7
      i figured its time for me to hit cancuncare hard now. Ive been to ttr before when i was married but got divorced a couple years ago and getting back on my feet financialy now. So, that being said.... cant wait to meet ya
    10. twister7
      ummm 42 sleeps for us! not that im counting! haha... Boobs cruise on the 25th?? we are in for that!
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