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Oct 17, 2018 at 5:41 PM
    1. Lexi
      Well be prepared for a very intoxicated Lexi and FF!!!

      I am really excited to see you guys!!
    2. Lexi
      Hey Tree.....are guys going to do a Boobs cruise while at TTR? I just paid deposits for the May 9th one.
    3. Lexi
      yay, yay, yay!!! I'm so excited to you see you guys!!

      Troy and Jean moved to Winnipeg about a year ago. I told them about us going in May but Jean didn't think they could swing it this year. Which really sucks....but I'm crossing my fingers that next time they can. I really miss them!

      Are you and Deb going to do a boobs cruise while there? I am soooo stoked we get to see you guys!
    4. Lexi
      Hellllloooooo Tree!!!!!!!

      Jimmy and I are going to TTR May 8-18.....please tell me you guys are going?? I'm not on facebook anymore so haven't been able to get in touch the old fashion way. lol

      How are you?? Really hope we get to see you!!
    5. SandyT
      I see you guys are not making the April trip either :(. I'm there march 24 - April 2nd. Missing so many great friends but I'm sure march will be great as will May if that's when you get to go.
    6. NekkidSundays
      Hey great to meet you! We have some funny pics with you in them :)
    7. chris-n-allison
      Hope you guys have a great trip!! Maybe next year we'll make it back at the same time!
    8. P&KL
      Look forward to a cold one with you guy's on Friday! Travel safe!
    9. rikmari
      decided on 28th boobs cruise
    10. Ali & Andrew
      Ali & Andrew
      Hey guys, the 24th sounds good if the foam party is another day :-) As for if the 51 year old can handle it, I think I'll be fine with all you helpful people to look after me.... right :-)
    11. Ali & Andrew
      Ali & Andrew
      Howdy :-). Have you given anymore thought to Boobs Cruise dates? We are leaning more to the 22nd. The 24th is Thursday so it's the Foam Pool Party during the day and Lingerie night, two things we don't want to miss...deposits will be open soon so let us know. Hugs...
    12. beach<3R
      Hey guys!! Looks like we're finally going at the same time again! Look forward to seeing ya!
    13. rikmari
      thanks for the invite are you guys doing a boobs cruise,
    14. dwood
      Hey guys, we are actually here now, could not make April this year so we had to come in March...hopefully next April
    15. rikmari
      hi guys headin to ttr apr 24-30 after 5 halloween trips wondering hows the vibe in apr
    16. SandyT
      End of the month prices were just too expensive :( Hopefully we'll see each other on another trip!! I think about Vodka Sandy all the time.. Lol, I can't wait for her to show up again !!
    17. SandyT
      ahhh, Wayne and Deb, it was great to meet you both !! Hopefully do it again next year. April or October...you guys have any plans??
    18. Ali & Andrew
      Ali & Andrew
      24 hours until take-off!!! Theme nights are:

      Sept 28- Saturday -TTR red night
      Sept 29- Sunday - little black dress.
      Sept 30- Monday - Men's white dress shirt night
      Oct 1 - Tuesday - Sheer Night
      Oct 2 - Wednesday - Naughty School Girl night
      Oct 3 - Thursday - TTR Lingerie Night - Boobs Cruise!
      Oct 4 - Friday - TTR White Night/foam party - CCC glow night

      Ali has some VERY revealing outfits and I even have a lingerie night outfit but it's Boobs Cruise day so you never know lol
    19. Ali & Andrew
      Ali & Andrew
      Yup, counting down the days and praying to the sun gods for good weather. We get in around 3 I think so hoping we get an hour of sexy pool if we hurry :)
    20. matchandahalf
      Sean doesn't want to tame me lol! And now the husbands are off the hook on having to watch my back. I'm bringing my own cougar-keeper. :)
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