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May 26, 2016
Dec 8, 2013
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Addict, from Ontario

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May 26, 2016
    1. SeanandTina
      Hey thanks for responding to my question about your isla hotel. We are looking g to do the same thing. Any recommendations for nightlife?
    2. MrandMrsHotWife
      Hey guys. We will be getting there around 1:00 on April 3rd. Would love to hang out with drinks in the sexy pool!
    3. ARealGoodTan
      Any chance we're getting together for round 3?? We're headed down March 6-15. Miss you guys!
      Can't get here soon enough
      Hey guys. How are yall?? Can't wait for next week. Come on tuesday!!!
    6. Rogue
      It's going to be a blast, first thing I decided to sign up for was the booze cruise after seeing everyone's recommendactions. Looking forward to meeting you, I'm arriving a bit later at around 17:00 on the 16th not sure if the sun will still be out. If I don't see you at the sexy pool I'll definitely be at Paty o's.
    7. Daewoo220
      :huepfen013: Getting in around 5pm on the 13th.
    8. Daewoo220
      Jay and Sal! We'll see you at the swim up bar!
    9. djpana
      we get in on 16th at 7:15 pm....flying from Houston via Mexico City from Houston. u?
    10. robNstacy
      Yah! Sounds great! We will be there the 14-21...what are your dates? See you in the pool...I'll be the one with a drink in my hand and red/blondish hair ;) Please say HI if you see us!
    11. jeff & barb
      jeff & barb
      BTW, what are your names in the event we're able to connect?
    12. jeff & barb
      jeff & barb
      I think we may have already mentioned it, but we're at Desire March 15-18 and TTR from March 18-22
    13. Alex&jamie
      Hey, thanks for saying hi. Looking forward to our trip, counting down the days! I'm Alex (Mrs) and Jamie is my boyfriend. Look forward to meeting you guys
    14. k8thegr8
      Thanks! Hopefully we can eventually meet in person!
    15. SandBJ
      Hey guys- we extended our stay by a few days so will get to party with you for 1 night! Looking forward to it!
    16. Like2LickU
      Look forward to meeting and sharing a drink and a wink...
      Thinking of bringing alcohol infused whip cream any suggestions of flavors?
    17. two4funandgames
      I'm going to add a few more pictures of me and her shortly so that people will be able to recognize us better... we will for sure look for you, but if you see us first, please don't be shy at all, jump in and get us, and lets get the party rock'n
    18. two4funandgames
      Anyways, we definitely want to push it as far as possible without getting kicked off the resort, and without pissing off any other partygoers, lol, so it will be awesome to have another couple there with the same mindset as us, so we can team up... the more people pushing the limits the more they will have to relax... either that or there will be a bunch of us sitting out at the curb for the week, lol....... So excited , can't wait...... what days are you there again?
    19. two4funandgames
      ...and during the island dinner break they had a wild contest where everybody was competing against everybody (even your own spouses), and by the end the two of us had made it to the finals against each other, and were completely naked with the crew in a large circle around us egging us on. The final task led to a push for each of us to briefly play with ourselves (pardon my bluntness as I don't mean to be rude, just don't know how else to say it, lol)... well anyways, she ended up actually winning because that was my limit, but she did it (albeit briefly) in front of everybody. It was sooooo hot, and so funny at the same time, everybody just loved it.
    20. two4funandgames
      The Mrs. (actually only my fiance at this point) is actually quite shy starting off, but I looooove to push her limits, and with a few drinks she is usually one of the people doing some of the craziest stuff... on the boob cruise last year we started off so quiet that the whole crew was teasing us, but by about the one hour mark we were one of the lives of the party.
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    beware...2 drunk nurses on the rescue


    Temptation Mar. 15 - 22, 2011
    TEMPTATION and Desire Pearl Mar. 11 - 21, 2014
    Temptation Mar. 16 - 26th 2015
    TTR Mar 29 - Apr 5th 2016
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