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Feb 12, 2018
Feb 19, 2014
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St. Louis

Viva La Vodka

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Feb 12, 2018
    1. Viva La Vodka
      Viva La Vodka
      Hey, do you have me down for Bubba mug stickers? Stacy said for us to all confirm with you.
    2. Viva La Vodka
      Viva La Vodka
      That's awesome!! I was totally in love with George Brett growing up! LOL When I first moved down here from central Iowa, I lived in St. Charles! I love it out there, but the commute SUCKS to almost everywhere. I'm SO ready for it to be the 5th!! Can't wait to meet everyone!
    3. smileyblueeyes
      YAY!!! Hahaha Chris coached baseball for probably 20 years between 6 kids. He's worked with a lot of the guys that are major league coaches now. He even met Whitey Herog at a roast for ummmm.... some famous Royals player.... Whitey started talking to him and said "Boy, you could be my son!" Hahaha We can talk baseball for a while! Chris grew up here in KC rooting for the Royals and I grew up in St. Charles, just on the west of STL. Can't wait to meet you!!
      1. Atomic Jon likes this.
    4. smileyblueeyes
      Another STL girl!!! Born and raised there, but live in the KC Metro area on the Kansas side now. Can't wait to meet you! We will be there 8/30-9/10
      1. Atomic Jon likes this.
    5. DavenLara
      Hey lady are you having a blast? Coming back to reality sucked
      1. Atomic Jon likes this.
    6. regalsteph
      Wow 14 more sleeps until our trip, is everyone this excited and nervous first time?
    7. regalsteph
      Hey if you get in too early and need to crash for a couple hours until your room is ready, I am up with the birds looking for coffee, wife may still be sleeping but you are more than welcome to crawl in and snooze for a while
    8. regalsteph
      Thank you for friend add look forward to making new friends
    9. regalsteph
      We are first timers coming on the 18-23 you can hang with us we don't know anybody so company would be nice
    10. Brian & Jen
      Brian & Jen
      we are booked march 6-13
    11. Brian & Jen
      Brian & Jen
      we are hoping to be haven't booked just yet.
    12. rieldeal
      Thanks for the like hope you guys make it in feb. :)
    13. vodkatonic
      love the nic............
    14. justhavinfun101
      Look forward to meeting you guys. 16th-26th for us.
    15. Viva La Vodka
      Viva La Vodka
      Actually I am too!! The guy I'm going with has been there once, but he's not much help. I've been on the forum constantly getting tips from people! There's one thread about what to pack that I thought was really helpful. When are you guys going to be there? We're there March 5 - 10.
    16. Pat&Jen
      Hey there, we are total first timers to TTR. Any advise you can send our way will be appreciated.
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