warm sun & cold beer
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Jan 2, 2016
May 22, 2010
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Portland, OR
Trying to get paid for being on chanel 12

warm sun & cold beer

Enthusiast, from Portland, OR

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Jan 2, 2016
    1. Black&White
      Likewise!! Hope you guys started feeling better! Took us about a week to get back to normal...haha crazy TTR! K.I.T!!
    2. PDXladies
      Have a safe trip down! Glad we will get to see you guys for at least one night!

      See ya soon!

    3. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      We'll see you guys on the 7th when you get in...we get there on the 6th!
    4. Inssomniak
      Thx for add! See you guys there hopefully ;)
    5. KDMD
      How are you two doing? Looking forward to seeing you again. Should be to the resort around 6pm. see you then. Kevin
    6. irishcouple
      Hey, we are there a few days before ya so il see ya on the 7th
      Rob & maureen
    7. baileyclan3
      Thanks for the add! Hope to meet up with you in June!
    8. irishcouple
      Hi Guys, you gonna be ther in June? Rob & Maureen
    9. Jon&Pam
      Thanks for the add, hope to meet you all in June.
    10. KevMar
      Hiya. We aren't sure when we'll be making our annual journey to Temptation this year. It won't be before June, and we have another trip planned at the end of June so it may end up being in July or Aug.
    11. Stu & Anita
      Stu & Anita
      lets get ready to partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    12. Stu & Anita
      Stu & Anita
      Back up and running counting down the months and looking forward to see you both again xx
    13. PDXladies
      Don't have dates yet. But it will definitely be the end of June. Still trying to he Mena locked down into dates...for vacation and getting together. She is a tough lady to pin down
    14. PDXladies
      I am trying to get Mena locked down into a time to meet up with you all, but she is hard to get ahold of. I have only seen her once since we got back. I will let you know ASAP. We do want to see you.
      Have a great day!
    15. PDXladies
      It was great meeting you guys! Thanks for Taking us in and introducing us to the group!
    16. MJ_N_IA
      June..finally!!! We will be there June 6th-11th and on the June 9th boobs cruise. Look forward to meeting you guys!
    17. joedogg1968
      Click click goes the clock we will see you guys in the sexy pool before you know it!
    18. Bambidamnit
      Hi guys! We look forward to meeting you both! Our dates overlap a bit, but we'll have a few day of fun together! We arrive on the 21st...see you soon!
    19. PDXladies
      It looks like we will be there for the last day or two of your trip. Hope to see ya and meet some fellow Oregonians.
      I am not easy to miss I will be the 6'2" girl trying to round up people for shots.
    20. PDXladies
      No this will be our third time. We usually have gone the first week of July but moved it up to June this year due to work conflicts. Do you guys always go the same time every year?
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    Portland, OR
    Trying to get paid for being on chanel 12
    We are very fun to be around, and love to laugh

    Chanel 12


    Trip # 5, June 7th -23th, 2013 :daveandmo:
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