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Mar 27, 2015
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Jul 9, 2018
    1. Theproducer1975
      Hi guys We will be at Temptation the las weekend go April look forward to meet you.
    2. DK_Vancouver
      hey guys! Our dates overlap. We are there April 29- May 6!
    3. smileyblueeyes
      Have you guys heard about the TTR Exiles- KC Party? It's Jan 20-21st!

      Here's the forum link... http://www.cancuncare.com/forum/temp...nsas-city.html

      Here's the Facebook link... https://www.facebook.com/events/699162960259993/

      Event Tickets... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ttr-k...790?aff=efbneb


      Bus cruise is Saturday and $25 per person. Send money to reserve your spot to Laura via paypal. If you want to join that, message me and I'll send you her email.

      If you need a hotel room, let me know if you'd like one King or two Queens and if you are coming in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! It's looking like $95 per night.

      Thanks! Hope to see you!
    4. Tandemrider
      We are having a sex toy exchange party on Sept 7th. If your interested we have started a thread on here about it. It's sure to be a riot!
    5. smileyblueeyes
      Not sure how to change that. We have a profile picture, but in the forums it shows as a question mark.
    6. smileyblueeyes
      I noticed we will be at the resort at the same time! Hoping to know a few names before we get there!
    7. mjborland
      We have huge bubba mugs. Mine is all blinged out and says miranda on it. Jason has a dragon tattoo on his right shoulder
    8. mjborland
      What time do you guys get in. We shoukd be there around 12. How will we notice you guys
    9. Tvillcouple
      Yes looking forward to it can't wait see ya there!!
    10. mjborland
      Yes it does sound like you will fit right in! You may fit in more than us and it's our 2nd time! Takes me a little bit and a couple shots to warm up to the being scantily clothed thing. We will have to make sure to meet up. I love English accents!! Look for us on the 16th. We should be there early afternoon :)
    11. 2FromTheZou
      Looking forward to meeting you guys.
    12. Eric&Carolyn
      We look forward to meeting you guys on April 15th when you arrive ;-)
    13. mjborland
      Let's just say you will see lots of crazy things! Starts off kind of mellow but then the drinks start flowing and body shots are given and the alcohol infused whipped cream gets passed around. Soon all craziness breaks loose. You can get completely naked if you want. You can swim completely naked in the ocean too! It's the resort vibe and then some. Lots of loud music and lots of fun. If you aren't completely into the craziness you can just sit back and watch (in a non creepy way tho!) Is this your first time to the resort too?
    14. mjborland
      :) have you guys been on one before? This will be our 2nd. Fun times await!!
    15. digdeep
      Kris and Brad here our stay is from 20-30 hope to see you there.
    16. mjborland
      Hi! We will be there the 16-21. Be sure to say hi!!
    17. DeltaMandJ
      :beer4: :daveandmo: See just one more reason to have a dang good time and party it up. Haha
    18. DeltaMandJ
      We get in on the 17th. See ya there. It's gonna be a good time ha.
    19. GraigandsusieQ
      We arrive 4/16-4/23 see ya at sexy pool!
    20. Bob&Ivy
      A couple more tidbits as an FYI. Start taking a probiotic that includes S. BORLARDII two weeks before the trip and continue to take it throughout your trip. It will cut down on the time you spend on the can. Helps the gut handle the bacteria when out of the country. LOL The Mexican staff loves the $2 bills. I usually get a couple hundred from the bank for tipping. Looking forward to meeting you both.
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