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Nov 28, 2017
Oct 22, 2010
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London, UK
We are both in the construction industry.


Regular, from London, UK

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Nov 28, 2017
    1. Bob&Ivy
      Hey kids. Hope that you have been well. We are booked November 4-11. Hope to see you.
    2. tony_val
      hi guys
      great to see you here. been soo busy since coming back. have a couple pics to send you too. find me on facebook too. Tony Harnum
    3. P&KL
      We are there the same time as you! We arrive on the 12th and leave on the 22nd! See you by the pool!
    4. Bprb61
      YES, you will!!!
    5. cfc61
      How are you guys?..... Marianne x
    6. SunSeeker0013
      Looks like we will be at TTR at the same time. Looking forward to meeting you!

      Amber and Ralf
    7. ZACouple
      Definitely will look out for you!!! Can't wait to get back "home", xxx
    8. Don & Daisy
      Don & Daisy
      Hi all
      It looks like we will be at TTR the same time as you 2nd trip for us. Will have to make sure we hook up and party down.
    9. am2012
      Thanks for saying hello! Looming forward to meeting you!
      Andrea & Monte
    10. Dolla
      Thanks Andre,
      We so excited, and looking forward to our holiday.
      Have an awesome day
      Nite nite, our bed time xx love and hugs and sealed with a kiss xx
    11. ZACouple
      Watch Miami TV- Cancun Caliente - Jenny Scordamaglia | Miami TV Episodes | Videos | Blip
      Check this
    12. Dolla
      Yoohoo and we join you there xx
    13. Hothertscpl
      hey guys great to meet you last night and look forward to catching up again and will keep yu update with our trip in a couple of weeks :)
    14. STEVEandKAREN
    15. JimCarrie
      Look 4ward 2 meetin U... our good friend is SouthAfrican & it'll be gr8 to hear a familiar S.A. twang while we R away from her. C U @TTR...
    16. Denise B
      Denise B
      Hello my friends, I hope all is well with you both and that you passed a good Christmas and New Years. Mario and I are doing well. We are just getting back to normal after a month of partying. TTR Cancun this past Dec. was great. We met a lot of great new people and were happy to meet up with the old friends. The weather was the best with only a couple hours of showers. The sexy pool was again a lot of fun each day. We did miss you guys tho. With a number of past Chaos Crew members missing, it didn't feel quite the same.
      I see that your looking at April. I hope you do make it. We're booked and I'm looking forward to celebrating my 50th birthday with my toes in the sand.
      Because of the Dec. TTR trip and the holidays, I'm having to diet big time and rid myself of an extra 10 to 15 pounds.
      Well keep in touch. Love to you both
    17. keiwe
      Hey you two...thanks for compliment. That was taken our first night at TTR when we me you guys! Just two weeks away for us wish you guys could be there too! :(
    18. Denise B
      Denise B
      Hey guys.....the count down has begun for Mario and I. 19 days to go. I'm really looking forward to our two weeks on the beach doing a whole lot of nothing but eating, drinking, parting and sex. I'm very bummed that you guys won't be joining us this year. I know that I'm really going to miss you once I hit the resort. It's not going to be the same without you both. I miss you already.
      Hope all is well with you both and that you're seriously thinking of April. I'll go down at that time only if you two do.
      Keep in touch. Luv you both. Cheers D
    19. ZACouple
      Thanks Yes it was good. We will be at TTR on the 02Dec12. Are you going?
    20. AaronZ
      Good looking couple looks like that must of been a fun night on your profile picture huh :D
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    London, UK
    We are both in the construction industry.
    We are a fun loving, experienced swinging couple. We are up for fun, fun, fun...

    Meeting interesting people, and more to the point - like minded people.
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