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Aug 15, 2016
Aug 11, 2008
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San Antonio, TX


I want to grow up to be Chino's!, from San Antonio, TX

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Aug 15, 2016
    1. marciancarlos
      we would love to agree with you.we love your parties
    2. CookieTTR
      Bubba cup - so you won't be drinking any piss pool water!
    3. lymamercado@gmail.com
      [email protected]
      Hey !! I'll be at TTR Nov.27-Dec.9 !! See you there !!!!
    4. zurc
      The hell Heath? You're too early. Most of us don't get in until the 26th!
    5. scufty
      You heading down this year? I and Michelle 11th to 18 nov
    6. shastatown
      Hey there, we are now considering an add on to our dates if we can get decent price last minute so go ahead and book your own round trip transfer and we likely book ours late if we can switch. Will enjoy many drinks together anyways! Take care.
    7. shastatown
      What airline. I can look up terminal
    8. shastatown
      Hey Zurc, 4 weeks today we will be having drinks in the sexy pool.. many by this time. You mentioned booking transfer to share on arrival. How does that work? do you book one ways or round trip as we arrive together but leave at different days. USA transfers only enters one terminal for pick up. We are on Westjet and arrive at 10:50 am terminal 2. What airline and terminal you arrive? Let me know and we can see if this will work...:)
    9. HolaLola
      Guess I wasn't the only one hoping to go on a trip to Canada! Being a Texan are ya curious about the differences in rodeo style?
    10. Captain Blue Eyes
      Captain Blue Eyes
      I think you need to find a way to get here in July! Spoke to Coree today and he's trying to make it happen!!
    11. Cdnprairiegirl
      Nice. I think the coldest we hit with the windchill factor was -59 Celsius.
    12. Cdnprairiegirl
      How is the weather out your way???
    13. Cdnprairiegirl
      Drunken gummies have sucked up a 26 of vodka, they will be wicked. I shouldn't have trouble at the airport in Mexico, I hope...
    14. Cdnprairiegirl
      Have a safe and uneventful flight to Cancun.
    15. SunSeeker0013
      Looks like we will be at TTR at the same time. Looking forward to meeting you!

      Amber and Ralf
    16. HolaLola
      Flying in on Thanksgiving, staying to the 7th hoping the pool will be a tad warmer this time.
    17. HolaLola
      Yes! Nov 28 to Dec 7 this year. So ... you WILL be able to make it after all? Look forward to partying again then
    18. Don & Daisy
      Don & Daisy
      Well be there 7th to 15th well have to have a few with you
    19. HolaLola
      NO not WI I meant come on back to TTR! Going to be there May 25 to June 3rd. But you are welcome to come to WI to visit too :)
    20. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      FYI....changed our screen name to our real names....no more incognito! See ya soon
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    San Antonio, TX
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    2008- Beer Drinking Contest Winner, 2009- Mr. Temptation, 2nd place lingerie and Iron Man 2010-I came, I saw, I Goldschlongered 2011- Rocked the Sock 2012 - Hi Ho Long Dong Silver, 2013 - Once more into the breach, we merry band of drunkards
    2014 - Seemed like a good idea at the time
    2015 - Pants? Where we're going we don't need any pants.
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