24yo professional from US thinking of moving to Cancun, good idea?

Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by Thwar077, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Could be a very interesting experience for you and will definitely expand your knowledge of how other people do things in the world.

    But I tell you this from my heart. . . If you are not the type with abundant patience for things that either don't work well, or don't work at all like you're used to. . . reconsider. You must be the type that can adjust to many convenience items missing in everyday life there, few things operating on time, services minimal and poorly provided and bureaucratic complexity everywhere.

    I lived there for 11 years and have always been thankful I had the opportunity. It was a fantastic experience and the culture and people are magnificent, notwithstanding the above notations. Again - you must be able to withstand these things or it will be a short and very expensive failed experience for you.

    PS: Spanish language ability puts you way ahead of the norm for foreigners looking to establish residence there. Best of luck. Put serious thought into it.