A Way Overdue Trip Report (Feb 17-24)

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    A Typical Day - The TL;DR version
    Wake up around 9, get ready, apply sunscreen and have breakfast by 10.
    Head out to the sexy pool.
    Go for Lunch around 1-2. 2nd application of sunscreen. (Be safe, don't let a burn ruin your trip. Now I sound lik)
    Back to the sexy pool.
    Head back to the room for an hour or two of rest around 6.
    Go for dinner, come back to the room and digest.
    Then head to Paty O's around 9-10....til

    A little bit of what I can remember from each day.
    We had a direct flight from Toronto at 6:30am. Get to Cancun around 11am. We grabbed our bags and walked directly out of the airport to the transfers area. We wait there for about 20mins for all the shuttle-goers to arrive. From there it's about a 40min drive to TTR as it's the last stop.

    We get there just after noon and the room's not ready obviously (check in's at 3), so we change into our swim suits and I do my best to avoid the timeshare lady. My dear, sweet, virgin-trip girlfriend though stops to listen. Timeshare lady got a little aggressive about attending the presentation, "What do you have to lose?"....well however many hours of my vacation the presentation takes; and the 5 minutes we've now spent listening is already far too much.

    So eventually, we make our way to the sexy pool, and the party is in full swing. Some shots of Fireball are poured down our throats, and AIWC is licked off bodies. We eventually go back to the desk to get our key and room. I think we were in the 5000 block (facing the gathering area for the Marina). I'd personally prefer something a little more central to the resort, even above Paty O's. We're up all night anyways, so the noise wouldn't be a problem. So we drop our stuff off, come back down to party a bit more, before coming back for a pre-dinner nap between 5-6. That 'nap' turned into a 10h hibernation bout when we got struck by the First Day Curse. We both woke up at 4am and felt a little shame that we missed our first night. :(

    Day 2
    The clouds came out, and it was a little chilly around the pool all day, with pockets of sun. It was a Boobs Cruise day and that took a lot of the partiers from the resort. We played in the couples sex position game which was fun and helped us make some more friends.

    Day 3
    The weather was even worse on Day 3. We decided to hit up the TTR gym. It's an ok set-up. There's probably about 6 cardio machines. Dumbbells up to 40lbs, and a small collection of machines. We took the bus to Walmart and grabbed a few snacks for the room. You'll get tonnes of people trying to sell you tours while out and about. The weather is just cold and cloudy all day. There was literally noone in the sexy pool after 1pm, and a few of us put on light sweaters.

    Days 4
    The arm wrestling competition ended with a broken arm, safe to say that's no longer an event now.

    Day 5
    A bunch of us tried to make it another lingerie night, but security put the clamp on that and said underwear is only allowed on the one night.

    Day 6
    We both managed to get a little sick one night, and ended up watching the Oscars.

    Day 7

    Day 8
    Go Home. Sleep for 3 days

    General Notes
    Paty O's
    The DJ more or less has a playlist that is played every night. I would love to see a little more variety. Hell, throw on a Songza playlist, or some dance mixes from Youtube.

    In addition, or in place of the music videos they have on the screen, they could throw on some sexy/fun videos, nothing explicit; fashion show, Vegas/tropical parties, EDM stuff. One night the video screen was just a Mac screensaver for a few hours.

    It can also get scorching hot at night. I was sweating bullets one night before I even started drinking and dancing. I think they have one fan out there by the DJ booth. I've seen a lot of requests to have AC for Paty O's, but I'd be fine with just a couple of more fans.

    Security did a good job of keeping a presence, but I found the them to be a little heavy handed. As mentioned above, they clamped down on people stripping down to underwear at night other than lingerie night. I find it an odd policy that something can be promoted by the resort one night, but then banned the next. It's fun to have a dedicated lingerie night, but why not allow people to continue it if they feel comfortable?

    Ent Staff & Games
    I thought they all did a pretty good job of getting people into the games. People are encouraged to get a little wild and naked. A little disappointed that Daring Darts became just Darts. It seems the 'punishments' have been taken out. I was a little sad the Foam Party never happened.

    I'm a pretty plan eater, but I always found something I could eat. I'm not a foodie by any means and could live off McDonalds and Pizza. We did the TexMex for lunch most days, really liked the Asian restaurant, and the Italian was pretty good to. I took a couple of extra buns everyday for the room so I'd always have something to settle the stomach. Also, remember your nightly Paty O's burger and fries.

    I touched on the location a bit above. We had a double shower head which was a lot of fun. The floor can get real slippery with wet feet, so watch out for that. I did find it hard to get the right temperature in the room. It was mostly fine for the night, but by morning we would wake up cold. We requested some extra blankets from the maid which helped, and also had extra waters for the fridge. The maid was amazing and helped us out there.

    We converted into Pesos. They use the waterproof polymer bank notes like Canada, which we thought was safer to carry around the pool in our swimwear than coins or USD. We generally tipped at least every other drink, and every shot tower. We always had strong drinks and fast service.

    Pool Chairs
    Yes, some people start reserving pool chairs at 8pm for the next day, but we never needed them. 90% of the time we're in the pool, and we didn't bring any bags or clothes to the pool. We could always find spots that opened up by the middle of the day.

    The People
    Are absolutely fantastic. I'm an extremely shy person and my social anxiety was put to the test, but everyone's really friendly and just down to have fun. Get to know a few people on here before your trip if you can. If you end up alone your whole trip, you've done something wrong. Don't be creepy, don't be an ass, and you'll have the time of your life.
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    Thanks, we hope you had fun
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    Nice report guys, looked like the weather was a little downer, I personally like May, weather is always nice. I was amazed that security was heavy handed, we went in,May this year and they even allowed several women that lost their tops to stay topless in paty o's, only cracked down on us going skinny dipping in the sports pool at 3 am. Wanted bottoms on.
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    Thanks for your trip report! We were there for the "Shit Show" week - a lot of the same days you were there.

    So that would have been the foam party on Thurs Feb 19th?

    Damn - Here I've been harboring all this guilt for months, thinking I caused our group to miss the foam party because I was too stupid and/or drunk to pay attention to the schedule. But if the foam party didn't even happen, I can start sleeping again at night because IT WASN'T MY FAULT! Yay!

    Glad you two had a good time!

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    Thanks for the report, too bad security is so strict, it is an adults only resort and everyone knows that people are just having fun.