Another HnH Sens Review with the hangover Oct 27th-Nov4th

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    I was there at the same time for the HnH crew as a newbie and they definitely know how to have a good time. I had been to TTR 2 time in the past and this was just as much fun as my previous trips due to the people that were there. Everyone in the group was very friendly and fun to hang out with. I arrived on Thursday Oct 27 and left Friday Nov 4th. I met some friends that I had met in May at TTR who left with most of the HnH crew on Nov 2nd and will add a little of what the resort was like after the majority of the group left.

    I did like the resort and the stairs did not bother me. I was extremely careful at all times on them as well as I had to wait a few hours after arrival before I got my room but in that 3 hours I saw 3 people slip and either almost hurt them selves or actually get hurt on the stairs. My advise would be no never go down any of the stairs barefoot and to always use the handrails. They are slick when they get wet or you have wet feet. I saw at least one person each day slip on stairs. One thing that was lacking at the resort was umbrellas. There were none except for some down on the beach but they were permanent so you could not move them to get a little shade. I had a regular room on the lagoon side but did not care about the room which was nice, the AC was definitely working in my room but at night the weather was great and I turned it off and slept with the window open. The mini bar in your room is not stocked by the maid so I was leaving a dollar tip in the fridge for they guy that came around normally between 4-6 PM to restock it. I heard some people say they would go days with the drinks not being restocked

    I liked all the restaurants but did not get a chance to try the black hole. Hippy chick was good except for one day where they seemed to have run out of a lot of the menus food. The onion rings there are great. Sakura and The Box were good but small servings. Italian was good with a great salad bar and the pasta dishes were filling. Shillabar was good as well. I had the NY strip but it did have a huge lining of fat on it and we had to use a cell phone light to see the menus. One person at the table had the triple seafood plate that looked great with huge prawns. This was one of the restaurants that you walk away full from. The ice cream bar and sushi bar never opened the whole time there. I drank rum and coke most of the time and even though I was seeing Bacardi being poured it was definitely not Bacardi but very low grade rum. Jack and Cokes were definitely Jack but they would run out of it often and you could not get it at the pool bars. They did make frozen drinks like Chunky (Funky) Monkeys but you had to ask for them to put more booze in them as we were getting 2-4 of them made at a time and only seeing one shot being put into the blender.

    The staff their really did seem to like our group and a few even told me so. The hotel did go out of there way to add extras like adding late night food at "the Box" restaurant. It did run out pretty fast and was small sandwiches and fruit most of the nights up until Nov 2nd when they started putting out pizzas and hamburgers as well. It seems that all the kitchens close around 10 so the food wasn't exactly hot anymore.

    FYI if you are at sens and it starts raining there are hot tubs that are available to use behind the Shillabar restaurant. It rained for about 5 hours on 29th but we managed to get a 6 person hot tub and stayed in it till it warmed up. We also had a personal bartender the whole time.

    The vibe starting on Nov 2nd was definitely different. On my first night there Oct 27th they had the Kinky Pirate cruise that about half of the group seemed to go on. This was Tassel and thong night for the themes set up by Ajay. The kinky Nightclub was about half full that night with most people being in theme and the ladies were up on stage dancing and creating the show for the resort. Had a great time. I was also there the following Thursday Nov 3rd where most of the HnH crew had left. That night the club was a ghost town. I went down at about 10:15 which is 15 min after it opens and the place was completely empty except for the bar tender who looked like she was ready to fall asleep. All the other nights when the HnH group presence was there it seemed to pull the other resort people in as well and some nights the club was packed. They did not complain one bit about skimpy outfits that the ladies and men wore on any night and like I said I believe all the staff enjoyed these outfits as well. Some of the non cancunecare people did seem a little surprised by the outfits and there were some people with wide eyes at some of the outfits but the ladies from HnH all did it up in true TTR fashion. I was part of a group costume for Halloween and we went down to the Halloween buffet a little early in costume and there was a couple at the table we were seated that did not expect a half naked Village People to sit down with them. They had full plates and surprised looks when we sat down by the time we got back to the table with our food they were gone. There was also a spanish speaking couple who did stay for awhile but they lady was shooting dagger eyes at her husband who was staring at the sexy lady cop and cowgirl with the sheriffs badge pasties. I guess there was a rumor going around the resort that our group was a bunch of retired porn stars which I found a little funny because we definitely didn't look like a retired group. We were the life of the resort. On Nov 3rd there was a lot of younger people in early 20s there that got hammered and were having to be escorted back to their room by security and one girl got so drunk they had to cart her off in a wheel chair. This was at 1PM. Kids...Got to throw some water in there every now and then

    The boobs cruise was my 3rd one and was definitely a fun time. The weather was great for the whole cruise and the bus that Steve arranged for us was awesome. We didnt have to put up with the city bus or taxis and the bus was very nice with a bathroom as well. The cruise had Sara, Omar, Chinos, Steve and Janet plus the boat crew. My drink was never empty and they definitely threw a great boat party. The funny thing about the cruise was that the true creeper on this cruise was a non cancunecare lady who could not take no for an answer got really drunk and gave my left nut a squeeze that put me down on my knees and almost made me throw up it hurt so bad. THANK YOU LISA FOR SAVING US. you can do whip cream shots off me when ever you want for being my hero that day.

    After the majority of the group left on Nov 2nd there still was about 20 HNH hangovers that still grouped up at the same part of the pool. I met Flo and the Chars and hung out with them and the rest of the HnH hangover crew. Thanks for the introduction Howard. We even met some other TTR people that were supposed to be at TTR but had to go to sens. TTR people are the best. Cant wait for Halloween 2017 at the new TTR

    I guess the most important thing that I should put in this review is that you can still go down to Cancun and have the TTR experience even during renovations. Keep using this site and plan your groups to get together at one of the adults only hotels and let management know you are coming to get the Ok for having theme nights. The more cancunecare people you can get to go with will increase the fun level which was a 10 while the whole group was there but dropped down to a 4 on Nov 2nd after the group left and a 2 on Nov 3rd when there was absolutely no nightlife. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AJAY FOR ARRANGING EVERYTHING WITH RESORT MANAGEMENT FOR US. Definitely a hot Medusa. The other reason for doing this would be so that you have enough people to get a boobs cruise going. As far as which adults only resort to pick I think Sens would be great for cooler winter months but by the time it starts warming up in April you may want to switch over to GP. The lack of AC in common areas and restaurants at Sens would definitely make the warmer months a little unbearable as the lobby and restaurants were hot and humid even when it was comfortable outside.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the new TTR and dont let cancunecare die in the meantime.
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    Great Trip Report Neil!
    Lisa provides many services on vacation, one of them does include saving fellow TTR men from drunk female attackers. My only problem with that situation was she turned her over to me:aktion047: Fortunately Jannet was right there and stepped in and returned her to her rightful owner!
    Great meeting you and we look forward to another great trip next Halloween.
    Paul & Lisa
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    Thank you for taking the time to write this review! See you next year my love!!!

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