April 2013 trip notes

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    Thought I'd document some experiences from out trip now I've had a couple of days to decompress.

    First let me say that this, our second trip (first was Jan. 2013), was a fantastic one and we met so many wonderful people.

    Got in around 6pm April 22, threw our bags in the room, have a quick look around and headed for a bite to eat. A little worried about the room as it overlooks patios and the sports pool, this would not be a problem as we're never there before 2:00am, usually drunk. Ladies white shirt night so we get Ali changed and head down to Paty'O's around 9:30. We soon meet A bunch of CCC people including two4funb, temptedkitty, matchandahalf, Candian Dos Equis, BnK, Delicious, Spicy, Juicy, Glenn & Monique, Donald (whose wife's name has been lost in an alcoholic haze, sorry), partydollgirl, mommabear and Wayne and Deb. Turned out a lot of them were booked for the boobs cruise the following day that we were booked on.

    We didn't make the cruise.... :( After promising we would, we realized at 8:30am that we were both still drunk and it wasn't going to happen, spent a quietish day in the pool and were suitably ribbed when the cruise returned as we were the ones telling everyone they needed to be on it so we could party. First night curse strikes again.

    911/Rescuers theme that night and it was a bit of a bust, a few people dressed up but came at different times, saw no one dressed and went back and changed. More drinking and a lot of mingling ensued.

    Next day was hot and the wind calm so spent it in the pool trying to stay cool. Met some more wonderful people, Dan and Whitney, Donna and Tom and NaughtyBrunette and her cousin included. A large contingent of the TNT crowd was there and provided hours of entertainment, what a great bunch of friendly & respectful people who know how to party.

    I should mention that the rubber chicken was around the entire time, I believe Donald was the keeper of it at this point.

    Naughty School night!!! What a great turnout, had to be close to 30 or more ladies dressed appropriately... er in-appropriately and a handful of kilts. Kilts were obviously checked for underwear usage and offenders flogged accordingly, no really, there was flogging. The rubber chicken was photo'd with a passed out guy which lead to a group of ladies kidnapping him and staging a photo shoot with said drunk guy who woke halfway through and impressed me with his ability to pick up the beat of the music even though he was clearly hammered.

    Skinny dipping in the sports pool! My wife was sure I'd never do this in my life but I was drunk enough, OK way too drunk, to put up much of a fight so we skinny dipped. Then, after we dried off in our room, came down around 4:30am for cheeseburgers. Why are cheeseburgers at that time so amazingly awesome? Bumped into a tipsy Nathan and Ali got to give him a kiss so she was a very happy girl.

    Ali was up on the swim up bar more than once having whipped cream or some horrible coconut concoction poured on her boobs (thanks Paloma!) and I wasn't always the one licking it off, no complaints from me or her though :) Or the guy who came up to her in Paty'O's and said "you're the chick with the great tits!". Yup, I'm a proud hubby :)

    Canadian Dos Equis was passed the chicken at some point and has done a wonderful job since as it's handler, if you haven't been to the Facebook page you should, it's hilarious.

    I'll post more later but the people we met and hung out with were amazing and we made connections I hope will last a long, long time. If I've missed out mentioning anyone I'm truly sorry as we met so many great people and I'm terrible with names. Friend us and remind me!

    We're thinking of a trip in Sept/Oct time but I believe we'll consider ourselves April Addicts as my birthday is in April and we'll be spending it at TTR for many years.
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    Hey Dont forget about me dancing past your chairs all day on sunday !! was nice meeting both of you!!
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    sounds like you guys had a blast, great to hear!