Are you a VIRGIN?!?!?

Discussion in 'Free For All' started by gd_nimrod, Mar 4, 2005.


Have you had sex?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

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  3. I'm a slut

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  1. gd_nimrod

    gd_nimrod Guest

    Interesting question, im sure we'll get many interesting answers.

    And i would have added the "maybe" option for all those (im sure there are many) that aren't quite sure if it counts what they've done, but hey, if its oral - its NOT sex!

    Oh, and for the record, im still a virgin. There, had to get that out.

    Dont be shy now :p
  2. jiHad2017

    jiHad2017 Guest


    Good thread idea. I have been around the block, but never with somebody who I actually gave a crap about. Just typical hoes and sluts, but I guess I can't complain.

    Can't wait to put a little green in the air on the 18th bro.............
  3. dex

    dex Guest

    Should have made the post more accurate under the yes option, 1, 2,... Im a slut lol.
  4. Steve

    Steve Administrator Owner

    Feb 14, 2003
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    Sorted, but already the non virgins have a head start against the virgins by 8 to 6. I reckon the sluts will win overall though.
  5. Jodie :-)

    Jodie :-) Guest

    virgin? virgin on the ridiculous....bona fide slut and proud :D

    JK.....or am I....?!
  6. Sol_Gemma

    Sol_Gemma Guest

    virgin OF COURSE :halo:
  7. Hels

    Hels Guest

    Virgin. But hoping to pop my cherry in Canckers....any takers?!
  8. Jodie :-)

    Jodie :-) Guest

    now that IS will be popping something but it certainly won't be your cherry - wishful thinking Hels!!

    You will be doing it 2 Live Crew stylee ha ha
  9. claire

    claire Guest

    hello chicken!!!
    aha ha ha ha ha ha.

    IM the virgin!!!
  10. Sol_Gemma

    Sol_Gemma Guest

    claire shhh dont blow my cover...

  11. alzobalzo

    alzobalzo Guest

    wish i was

    No virgin here unfortunately, o thse were the days, but i aint so fussed about sex in cancun right now, the partys and beach are dominating my thoughts at the minute....

    And please tell me if you agree people, but virgin or not Claire is cuuuuuute!

    ooo wee

    London is comin 9 days and kickin
  12. claire

    claire Guest

    ahhhh thank you chicken!

    he he
  13. alzobalzo

    alzobalzo Guest


    Anytime lady, i will see you at the cancuncare party anyways and i am definetely takin you to the bar for drinks and a miserable attempt at some kind of latin dancing!

    Come on now which flash B**tard can meringue or somethin??
  14. Sol_Gemma

    Sol_Gemma Guest

    claire is HOT hehe
  15. claire

    claire Guest

    someone through some water over me! i am TOO HOT!!!! he he
  16. Sol_Gemma

    Sol_Gemma Guest

    yes u r lady!!
  17. gd_nimrod

    gd_nimrod Guest

    *Touches Claire*

    Ouch!! That burns!!

    Now hurry up and touch me back :p

    @jiHad2017: Yeah, but i doubt you can complain bout those sluts and hoes!
  18. Dori

    Dori Guest

    Sluts are gaining :lol: :roll:
  19. jenfleur

    jenfleur Guest

    Had to add my tick for that one!

  20. Dori

    Dori Guest

    Ha ha ha ha.....figures....I looked earlier and it was 2.....then of course ME :roll: then saw it was 4 :lol: HAD to be you!! :hug: *SNOG*

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