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    As of the next cruise (15th Dec) we'll be making two changes to the boobs cruise check in.

    1. We will now check in at the towel hut by the sexy pool, not at Bash. Check in time is still 10am

    2. People staying at other hotels (not including the two Desire resorts) will need to go directly to the Albatros Marina, staff there will direct them to the towel hut. They'll no longer be allowed into the hotel via the front entrance. The Albatros Marina entrance is 200 yds past the main Temptation entrance on the downtown side.

    Reminder that the boobs cruise is open for bookings for the following dates:
    • Fri 15th December
    • Mon 18th December
    • Fri 29th December
    • Every Monday and Friday throughout Jan and Feb (except Monday 1st Jan)
    Bookings can be made at:

    Cancun Boobs Cruise Booking

    Online booking assures you of a place (we often sell out weeks ahead) and is also cheaper than booking once at the hotel. Refunds are available any time up to 24 hrs before the cruise.
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