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Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by Steve, Jan 23, 2005.

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    El Pueblito

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for El Pueblito here.

    Located at Km17 it is a 20 minute bus journey to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 45 minute bus journey away.

    Check the links below for availability and pricing with the following operators:

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  2. We enjoyed the El Pueblito... In my opinion it's a very under-rated hotel. Great beach, fun bars and pool atmosphere, food was OK to good. I have lots of El Pueblito pictures in my Webshots albums ....... In fact my avatar was taken from our terrace at the El P.


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    We're here right now...and the pueblito is nice....but that's about it. Everyone is correct about the food...it's kida crappy...we got a nice room on the ground level so we can walk out our patio to the pool...so that's nice.

    Weather is nice...the help is friendly...but make sure you bring pillow cases!!! (there are none on any of ours!!) The beach is clean!

    Kim and Moose
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    EL Publito

    I was just wondering what type of crowd is at the El Publito?? Is it more of a family resort or are there young (25-35) people there too? I will be there the first week of April, after the Spring break rush.
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    What we had were ok...neither of us really drank too much. :-|
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    So Kim and I were at the El Pueblito from Sun Feb 13th to Sat the 19th. We were supposed to arrive on the 12th…but Kim’s driver’s license had expired in Jan (even the person who renewed her license plates didn’t catch it) and so we needed to get a new drivers license and luckily, Apple Vacations had space on the Sunday flight…so we got everything taken care of and left Sunday…our room at Pueblito was waiting for us and we were able to check in as soon as we got there Sunday morning (like 11 AM) and didn’t have to wait until 3PM like everyone else. (+ for Pueblito & Apple)

    Arriving at our room…we’re at first a little disappointed. All tile floors, not too too clean looking…but all in all alright. We had room 2214…ground level…and I THINK a bit bigger then some…because the bathroom was larger…with a very big bathtub….nice and tiled…square…with a big bench on the outer edge to sit inside the curtain if you wanted. The best thing about the room was that the patio opened right into the courtyard…and gave us a 10 ft walk to the inner pools. After the first night…the non-carpeted floors throughout the WHOLE room got old...real quick…we basically needed to wear our sandals most of the time or your feet would hurt and get all crappy with sand and moisture. Also, the beds. These were the WORST beds I’ve ever slept on. Both of our backs were KILLING us the first morning after sleeping. (we eventually tried both…kept one as a ‘play’ bed./..etc…and they both SUCKED) How can any hotel have such terrible beds. The pillow cases and sheets never looked REAL clean…Also, I was first afraid our air conditioning wasn’t working…but it eventually cooled the room and worked great all week.

    The staff all around was very friendly. Our housekeeper was real nice…we left a tip every day…and was always greeted with a friendly face, etc etc. All of the waiters were nice…etc etc…the entertainment guys were cool…but it was clear their real goal was to hit on hot younger girls…but that didn’t bother me too much, we spent most of our time at the inner pools…not the main one.

    The Inner pools were great…a little cool…but for this time of year…clean and attractive. No complaints there.

    The food was overall crappy. Kim basically stuck to bread and fresh fruit (which WAS good). I was able to pretty much have a little but of everything. The burgers and fries at the snack bar were sub-par…but good enough to eat. I guess since it was ‘free’ I didn’t mind as much. Every dessert was TERRIBLE. Each cake I tried tasted bland and almost watered down…which sounds weird…but I’m dead serious…watered down cake? Believe it! LOL!

    Both Kim and I got 1 hour long messages and the lady is GREAT…very professional and very good. I highly recommend…

    Something that’s not really a complaint…but something that got annoying was the different vendors they have every night. EVERY time we went to the store or bar…we had to fend of people trying to sell t-shirts or something. I can understand that at the flea markets and whatnot…but not in my hotel!!
    Overall, a good time at the pueblito…I think if we had comfortable beds, I would have been happier. Kim won’t stay there again because of the food, which is understandable.

    Pics of our trip (a lot of Pueblito) can be found here:

    (goto Cancun 2005)
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    Would you consider it a good place for people in their late teens/early 20's?
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    Actually, that is Chichen Itza...and it was great. I'd been there before, but Kim hadden't and really wanted to see it. I'd definitely recomend seeing it in Feb...as last time I saw it was in August...andit was like 110...no joke.

    Not related to the pueblito, but we booked our tour through brant...which was with Greyline. No complaints...
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    Yeah, I hear it's one of the more popular spring break resorts...and on Thursday the 17th...the breakers started to arrive. Before that, it was mostly middle aged people...a few families. It was my impression that the majority of people there were French or Canadian.

    Basically, if you're coming to cancun to party, it's a cool place...if you're looking for a luxury resort to relax, enjoy great food, and rest very comfortably...I'd (and will) look for another resort.
  10. I just got back from el pueblito and its definitly not worth it. Horrible location, horrible rooms, horrible staff, horrible food. I definitly will not go back.
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    Damn! Im going there this week. Can you just pretend it was brilliant? That way it wont put a downer on it :D
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    Just remember you aren't going there to spend your entire holiday within the grounds of the resort or in the confines of your room. It's SB, so get out to the beach and clubs!
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    I stayed there with 6 other people in the middle of Feb and we were all mad that we didn't spend the extra 200 and stay at the Oasis instead. (although we heard from ppl on the buses that that hotel was pretty crappy too). The thing is that the check in staff there have no customer service skills whatsoever. When the 7 of us checked in they stuck us in two different buildings (both of which faced the sewage treatment plant). We went back to the lobby and told them that we requested rooms beside each other when booking. At first they pretended that they didn't understand english well enough, and after we were then informed that all the rooms were booked and that we were to check back next day. So we go back and see that the room next door to ours was empty and cleared out, so off we go to lobby again and we were like listen we know you have empty rooms, and sure enough magically two room appeared. So then we decided to try for better rooms altogether, meaning not in the crappy buildings with the metal balconies facing the treatment plant. They flat out told us that those rooms are for couples and families only and since we were students we were staying in the bad rooms. So then we gave up and decided to make the best of the situation. The list of bad things goes on: not enough towels even though left tips and notes in spanish, money and other stuff stolen, never any hot water, dirty sheets, bad food, far from everything. I mean in the end we had a great time anyways, it kind of became a joke about how bad the hotel really was and I was banned from ever being in charge of booking hotels again (suddenly it was all my fault, even though at the time of booking everyone was like yeah yeah whatever it looks ok), so if you are a student and want somewhere relatively cheap (still paid $1600 for all inclusive) than I guess go for it but i really would recommend spending the extra couple of hundred on somewhere better.
  14. gd_nimrod

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    For my full report check here: http://www.cancuncare.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10973

    But, honestly, this hotel was AMAZING.

    The staff was friendly, no, they waiters and maid didnt speak english, but at the reception everyone HAD to be fluent. I got put in a 51xx building (which i found out from my travel rep is one only for teens) but i couldnt have been happier. We were crazy and loud every night, and NOONE complained, since only us teens stayed in there.

    Food was good, like everyone says breakfast is the best, but i think thats mainly because youre most hungry after a long (or short) night of sleep/partying.

    The best waiter is Willberth, and as i noticed, all people there work just about 7day weeks, so tipping isnt necessary but goes a long way.

    Would LOVE to go back next year because of the great atmosphere.

    Only major downside is thats its pretty far from downtown.
  15. kgansheimer

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    I was in that same building...let me tell you its not just for teens! I'm 23...and got stuck in that building...I finally had to call security on Friday night...it was 4:30-5:00 and everyone was screaming...I was sooo frickin mad! And amazingly enough...they were ALL canadians in 51xx also...I think there were a few that weren't but I would say 90% of them were Canadians...and they were ALL really loud...not to forget to mention they were rude (at least the ones on my floor) and I about knocked one of them out...if he wouldn't have run away from me!
  16. gd_nimrod

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    LOL :lol:

    So how did you like everyhting else? The food? I must say the maids were nice, left $3 every morning on the TV with a little nothing asking for "mucho agua" and got 4 towels + 4 new water bottles every mornign.
  17. kgansheimer

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    The staff was awesome...never had a problem with them at all! :) We only had the maid clean our room twice...but we left them good tips...we got new towels every morning and we got new sheets. Our t.v. sucked...it was black & white...but other than those noisy Canadians...things were good. Food...not so great...went out to eat for supper the last 3 days we were there...couldn't eat that food anymore...breakfast and lunch were definitely good though! :) Did you have any of those Chi-Chi's? Those were yummy! :) The bartenders were hilarious and awesome...never had to wait long for a drink! :)
  18. canadaEH

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    lovin those bartenders

    tripple shot tequila sunrise.....lived off those
    and if u talked to marco he made the crazyiest drink ive ever had he called it the tuiti fruiti...allll booozee
    had a great time at EP.....dont know why every1 complained about that resort....
  19. Sherzy

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    Just got back after two weeks at the el pueblito and i can honestly say that this place was tremendous. I ahve no idea how anyone can complain about this place. It really was awesome. The location was a little far out but as i passed the other hotels i thought to myself that the other places didn't look as homely or as friendly as ours. There was loads of different foods to try so im not sure why people have complained about this. The hotel staff were great especially Jorge who went out of his way to get us great deals and get us VIP treatment in clubs. Wilberth was another great guy, he was one of our waiters who made sure we never had an empty drink. Rooms were great, had a great view of the ocean.
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