First time trip report 7/7 to 7/13

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    We just got back home and already miss TTR.

    Flight there went great got there early and got our room fast. We thought we knew what to expect when we got there but it was so much more. We got to our room and it was awesome and the room was ice cold. Got in bathing suit and took off to check out the place and was impressed with tge whole place. We didnt expect it to be so nice. Then got some food and went straight to the sexy pool and ordered our first drink and met alot of people we met on cancuncare. Hung out the rest on the night in the pool til dinner and the parties but most of that was a blur from lack of sleep and all the drinking.

    Woke up early the next day feel great ready for day ate the breakfast which was good. Then straight to the sexy pool and spent most of day there hanging out and watching activities to get feel for the place. By that afternoon we been drinking and having blast and had shorts ripped off by miss Temptation contest.

    Thats is how we spent almost every day the between beach and pool. We went out in town for few hours but was ready to be back at the sexy pool. That Thursday night we stayed up partying til 6 am and passed out woke up to the boobs cruise we where suppose to be on taking off. So spent the day at the pool.

    All I can say is this was the best get away we have ever had and we have already looking for when we can go and stay longer. All the people there are awesome and friendly. Everyone gets along from youngest to the oldest there. It was a mixed crowd from 20 year olds to 50 years old and probably older. The staff and bartenders where amazing and make sure your having a blast and keep the momentum going all the time.

    There so much more to say but the only way to know is go and find out for yourself. It will be the best time of your life. We cant wait to go again.

    For all you that was there with us and we met yall where all amazing and cant wait to meet up down therr again soon.