First Timer Trip Report, posted with permission

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    From Bobby Garris from NJ. October 19, 2017

    My wife and I went to TTR for the first time in October. We were not TTR regulars or in love with this resort just a first expierance there. While we were getting prepared to go my wife was getting worried that TTR was about this or that so I sent her a invite to this facebook page and the octoberbreast fb page. Before she went on the pages we were looking for outfits for theme nights. Every outfit I picked she would say it was too revealing. After going on this page and the other she talked to a few of the ladies here and was sending me pics of outfits that made the ones I picked out look like nuns outfits. This page put her mind at ease and about 2 weeks before we were to leave she was so excited.

    From the moment we stepped into TTR everything was great, check in took about 10 minutes. We went to our room and our bags were brought up 5 minutes later. We changed and went to the sexy pool within 30 minutes this guy Chris came over to say hi, then his girlfriend came by and 4 other people and before you knew it we were part of a group of about 20 people laughing and having a great time.

    We are in the octoberbreast pic on there fb page. The second day Chris and his girl were leaving my wife went up and helped them pack so they could have some time to hang and say goodbyes. Then I recognized someone from this page and said hi and Bam we were part of another group that we met up with at theme night and hung out all night dancing and laughing.

    The food at the Italian restaurant was awesome. The workers at TTR were top notch. The pool games were too funny. We stayed in the bash ocean view room and it was an awesome room. I was worried it would be too loud and wouldn't get any sleep but that was not our experience if you closed the door I couldn't hear anything but the porn on the TV or the wife.

    One of the days they had a international pole dancing competition the wife wanted to watch. We got there early got front row seats and this girl jumps in the seat with my wife and I and just starts talking to us and Bam another friend that we hung out with that night and she even whipped my butt with a belt.

    I would have to say the only disappointment we had was our boobs cruise was cancelled due to hurricane Nate, so we didn't get to expierance the boobs cruise which we never would have even known about if not for this fb page. I see some people complain about this or that and that definitely was not or expierance. I would have to say TTR was one of our best vacations and when we were heading home my wife said she feels like we fell in love all over again.

    So to sum it up, I believe TTR was an awesome choice for my wife and I. I would suggest to anybody don't let complaints rob you of an amazing expierance with great staff and great people. Thank you TTR for a great expierance.
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