First timer TTR report 9/18-25

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    First time to TTR, and I can confidently say we will be back.
    Hit the airport, and blazed a trail by all the vultures near the exit. Easily found the USA Transfers ppl, and we were quickly whisked away to TTR, in our private van.

    Check in was a breeze. Within 15 mins, we were in our room, without any timeshare haggling. Quick change of clothes, and off to the sexy pool with our awesome new friends, Jay&Laura and Ruth. It was raining at this time (the only true rainy day of the trip), but that didn't deter anyone. Pool was full, and tops were off. So far, so good.

    Too much happening to spill every min of the trip, so I'll break down the various aspects.
    FOOD - buffet was pretty good (make sure to get an omelette). Would have liked more selection, but that's why there's other restaurants. Speaking of...the Asian place was outstanding. Maragarita's was good. And who could forget the 2am burger.
    SERVICE - all I can say is WOW. Tip your waiters and housekeepers, because these ppl go out of their way to make our stay perfect. Every night, fresh drinks showed up without us even having to order.
    ENTERTAINMENT - daytime staff were awesome. Shout out to Paloma, Nathan, and Sarah69. Love all the games. I am the Sept. 18-25 beer drinking champion, as well as the beer pong champ (along with my outstanding pong partner, Andrea). At night, Paty O's absolutely rocked. Great music, strong drinks, me in my kilt, and scantily clad women...gotta love it

    And now time for the best part...
    Boobs Cruise - Sept 19
    Omgoodness...where to start. I (KJ) was celebrating my birthday that day, and let just say that it was my best bday to date, full of drinking from the Boobs Ass Hole pitcher.
    Boobs...alcohol...licking AIWC...boobs...dancing...skinny dip...more AIWC...Chinos' "SLUT" paddle (I still have the mark on my ass, and props to my wonderful wife for dropping trou so that I could spank her with it too. If anyone has pics of this, PLEASE message me so I can get copies)...and more boobs. I cannot wait to do it again!

    Amanda and I met tons of great ppl, and even made a few new close friends. Jack&Andrea, Jay&Laura, Troy&Fern, Ruth, Christian&Gina (and many more, but too many names to remember), everyone there was super friendly. (Only had a few creepers, but they were easily avoided)
    We had the most outstanding week (even though I had to go on alcohol strike on day 7), and seriously look forward to our next trip!
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    Glad you had fun, hope to meet you guys on a future trip. I had the best birthday there too.
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    Well said new friend! Can't wait to do it again.