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    First off, I'm very excited to find a forum specifically for the Golden Parnassus. I have been to Mexico once, last year at the Royal in Playa del Carmen and had my uncle to show me the ropes. Going it solo this time with my girlfriend who has never been to Mexico.

    I'd love to hear some tips from those who have been, I know there is some dress requirements for some restaurants. I'll be prepared but if anyone knows of dress codes for the ladies, that'd be much appreciated.

    Also, she is severely lactose intolerant so I'm a little concerned about that getting lost in translation but hopefully a little extra tipping to the waitstaff willl help with that.

    Well be arriving February 26th and already have USA Transfers booked thanks to this site.

    My experience at the Royal left wanting nothing from the staff, always and overabundance of water in the room and the dining and room service kept us well fed. Drinks were plentiful, I mainly drank Malibu and pineapple most of the trip but did expand to some nice tequilas. Any recommendations there? I've read about the Sister hotel but also read it may not be available anymore.

    Is the place easy to navigate once there? Any nearby bars or clubs that might make for a fun evening?

    Appreciate any and all feedback and if anyone is planning to be there that week, I'd love to hear from you.