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Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by Lynnecheri, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Lynnecheri

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    My friend and I will be going to cancun Feb 18th for 7 glorious days... my question is that we have heard about this foam party and the Up and Down at Oasis Cancun. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I have heard that it is a little dangerous. Like people have gotten stuck with needles and such because you can't see below your chest. Is this fact or fiction?
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    Welcome to!

    I don't know the answer to your question. However I do want to commend you for keeping an open mind and investigating a rumer you may have heard.

    Good luck on your trip!
  3. SirMoose

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    Well I'm sure that is possible, It is just as possible at any other crowded club. Just like the chance of having your drink spiked is always possible. You just have to be carefull. The one thing I did notice, is that later in the night people become slobs, leaving plastic cups, napkins, cigarett buts ect... int the foam. That is kinda nasty if you ask me, so thats when we decided to leave. Other than that, I had a blast and would love to go again.
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    Lynn- The foam party is a lot of fun- the rumors you heard- are just that. I'm sure people have been injured (as in an other bar where there is a great deal of alcohol) But the "needle" rumor comes straight from the TV show CSI (it was an episode last season). Just be careful- the worst that will happen to you is you will get groped- and hey you're in Cancun- what's a little groping? :roll:

  5. Sparkey

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    Thank you Sue. It seems the needle rumer has been circulating the internet for a while. I did a search here for foam parties and found some info here -->

    There was another post along time ago that I think got pruned before the big move. It mentioned that the foam would wreck a good pair of shoes. So plan on bringing an old pair of shoes if you want to do the foam thing.

    Good luck!
  6. stud

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    I have heard that they also have big foam parties at Fat Tuesday inside the place and concerts outside. I have never being there but I live really near and it looks mega crowded during SB
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    I've been to the Foam party 3 times and no ones ever gotten stuck that I know of. Soap up their nose but never stuck. Go and enjoy....

  8. rbh44

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    What club has the foam party and what nite is it?
  9. Klaw

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    It's the Up and Down Club at the Oasis and it's held on Thursday nights.

  10. LuvCereza

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    I have been to the Foam party. Yea, it can get crazy, your gonna get groped, but I doubt your going to know who it is. :eek:
    As for needles and other things, I don't know about that. I would prefer as a lady to get my own drinks, just incase. Don't wear your nice clothes or shoes and no high heels or your going to fall. Don't get it in your eyes or breath it. Oh, and don't put tons of make up on either or it is going to run in your eyes and burn when you get wet from the foam that also goes for your contacts too! Leave them out if you can. That also goes for swimming in the ocean/gulf. It will burn all to heck if you get that saltwater in your eyes with contacts in. WOW! :shock:

    I thought Laurie said she went to the foam party. Maybe she has some insite too if she sees this.
  11. mugway05

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    Haha I stayed at the Oasis and didnt know they had this foam party.

    How good is it going to be when all the crew will be there in 2008.

    Definately have to hit that up. It will get very messy.
  12. putangie63

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    Went to the foam party over spring break at up and down. Costed 30 bucks to get in and it was filled with 80% guys. I did see some female nudity though. As for the needle issue. My friends and i were patted down before we were allowed to enter. Definetely wear something like those old navy cheapy sandals in there. I wore my leather sandals (lost my rubber pair that i brought) and the leather started to run and my feet turned brown. I won't be headed back there though. Way to many dudes.
  13. shauny

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    oh yeah i forgot about the vclub at our hotel! lol

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