Grand Oasis Sens Trip Review

Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Sens' started by Tyler and Angie, Jan 19, 2017.

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    Try to hold off till the end of June-July. Big group from TTR headed there. Here's the link.
    Who's headed to Cancun in JUNE?
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    We already have scheduled time off for this one. BUT we are going back to Temptations in October 7th-11th. We were there 2x's last year before the demo.
    There really is no place like it.
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    We were hoping to to TTR this year until we realized it was closed. We stayed at GOS 18 months ago during the down season. They were also doing construction at the time that woke us up often (adding another floor I think). But all in all, we loved it. We got a day pass to TTR during that trip to check it out and loved the atmosphere much more, vowing to go there next time.

    Your review here is very similar to our experience. My wife was one of 2-3 people topless the entire time we were there, at the beach and pool, but she never felt like she had to put her top back on. There were a few upset girlfriends with gaulking boyfriends (jealousy sucks), but they shouldn't have been there in the first place. Oh, and the best way to get the guys to stop doing construction on the roof was for my wife to take her top off. They'd all line up on the side of the roof and "have lunch" until we left, haha.

    Like you, we took advantage of the Kinky bar, stripping down when it was just us, the DJ and Bartender in there. We made good use of the place, and have tons of pictures to remember it. The hot tubs weren't there at the time, which will be nice now, but I was just informed that they aren't topless, which really sucks. I doubt anyone will really mind though.

    We're headed back next week to a fully booked hotel. They better not bump us elsewhere, or we'll be pissed. We've already mapped out the entire trip and activities we're hoping to do. And I sure hope we can get into the Black Hole again. It sucks you guys missed it, because that was one of the best things about the resort. Hopefully we can find other people to hang out with this time that are as we are.

    Then, our next trip to Cancun better be to Temptations.
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