Hotel Choice - Ocean Spa Hotel or Sunset Royal Beach?

Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by aquacpl, Mar 15, 2016.

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    We purchased a 5 day/4 night Cancun vacation at a charity event. We are planning to go June 15-19, 2016. The certificate is by Sunset World and we can choose between the following hotels:

    1. Ocean Spa Hotel (Next to Temptation), 3 1/2 Star, has a dock and is close to the dive shops and sailboat trips or

    2. Sunset Royal Beach 10 km Kuku Lcan Blvd (on the main beach), 4 star, nicer beach, but further from the dive shops and sailboat trips.

    We're both avid divers and are looking forward to diving each day and relaxing in the afternoons...

    We would love to hear your recommendations as to hotels, dive operators, dive spots, nightlife, and sailboat trips ;)