how do you tip the maids

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When do you tip the maids?

  1. Last day of the trip

  2. Daily

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  1. BSN

    BSN Guest

    How do you tip the maids.
    We are curious too. On a cruise you tip everyone the last night.

    In cancun, bartenders daily, etc. etc.
    How should the maids be tipped?
  2. Klaw

    Klaw Guest

    I tip the maids daily.

    As for tipping the bartenders...I'm going to let someone else answer that. My situation is unique so I'm not a good judge as to ghow that should be done.

  3. shoreladie

    shoreladie Guest

    I tip the maids daily ..
    I even tip the person in the elevator . She was cleaning in the horrible heat ..

    I tip the person that was raking the sand ...

    The bartendar every third one ...
  4. We tipped the maids daily and the bartenders at the end of our trip. We made sure we knew when their days off where to ensure we had the chance to tip them.

    $10.00 to our favorite bartendars, (there were 3 of them) $3 per day for the maids.
  5. janie

    janie Guest

    I agree to tip the maid every day, cause you don't know who is cleaning your room daily, it could be someone different.

    I always leave the cash under the pillow, and they always find it! :D

    My husband and I have always been treated wonderfully in Mexico, so even at an all-inclusive we tip the bartenders and the waiters, because they work hard to make sure the guests have a great vacation.


    (Karan, do you use pesos or kisses to tip your favorite bartender ??? :lol: :lol: )
  6. Klaw

    Klaw Guest

    Definitely the kisses, Janie :lotsoflove: :lotsoflove: Definitely kisses!!!!

    But the problem I alwys have is that I feel so guilty because Dany's friends (and mine) won't take a tip from me.

    I use to try and tip them and they refused to take it. When they finally did take it to shut me up all they did was give it to Dany to give back to me.

    It's hard since it's definitely weird to feel like you should tip your friends but I am treated so wonderfully now I just make sure and pay fro all their drinks one night we all go out.

    Even getting them to agree to that was tough!!!

  7. janie

    janie Guest

    Karan, I'm sure they all appreciate what you do!

  8. Klaw

    Klaw Guest

    I know they do...they're all great people and I'm honored to call them my friends.

    That's the neat thing about friendship......we appreciate what the other does.


    BAILEYHY Guest

    We tipped the maids daily and because we didn't drink much and went to different bars at the resort, we tipped the bartenders each time we had drinks as well. Because they get paid so little, it just made us happy to make them smile. They remember you.

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