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    This is the review of the Golden Parnassus I posted on tripadvisor with pics. I'm sure it will take a few days for them to post there.

    Background: 32 female solo traveler 6th trip to Cancun first to this resort. This will be a little long so bear with me
    Check-in: Had a very early flight so arrived at the hotel at 9:30. Had no expectation that the room would be ready this early. I did check several times between that time and 3pm and even at 2:30 I was told the room wasn't ready yet. Got into the room at exactly 3pm I received the welcome drink, given a map, and a very detailed presentation of the Royal. This is where the inconsistent service began. Instead of telling me relevant info such as bathroom location, how to book the inroom dinner or luncheon cruise, or the fact that spa area had a shower area I could have used while wating for my room, Jessica(Guest services) wasted 15 minutes pushing the timeshare.
    Room: I booked a lagoon view club room. Got a great deal and was very satisfied with the room. It was clean and everything worked. Did seem to have less channels then other resorts I stayed in. Unfortunately, the housekeeping staff felt the need to move my personal items around. Moving books from nightstand to drawers, moving the remote from the bureau to drawers or even found the remote in the bathroom one day.There is a fee if you don't bring back your remote so it was annoying after day 3 of looking for the remote. I did call the desk without success just to request that they not move personal items. Can't imagine how my items being on the nightstand would be in her way or how bout just return the items to their location when done? Just a tip, you have to call room service for refill of the minifridge. I like to have water available at night so I would recommend the club room. Ran into 2 couples that complained about the regular rooms and transferrred to the Great Parnassus and went back/forth between the two for the week due to dated rooms(per them).
    Atmosphere: I think this resort probably looks llike the hotels looked in Cancun back in the day. Everything is very clean but not the new marble floors or really ritzy. I usually go for the ritzy look but I loved the decor here. I was not sliding across the floor like I usually do at the newer hotels(always slippery). The pool did have music playing during the day as well as the tiki bar. I probably would recommend you get a high floor if you get an oceanview room just for the noise factor. I heard nothing on the lagoon side
    Pool: The pool was cold most of the week except at mid-day when the sun was shining on in for a while. The hot tub is indeed warm not hot but I thought it was enjoyable. The only person I saw topless at the pool or beach was me.
    Beach: Very pretty wide beach kind of slopes down though by the beach bar so if it's windy and you are on that lower level you may get a little sand in your face. There is a ledge to get down the actual water
    Food/service:paradise buffet: went there for breakfast and lunch most days. The food was good especially the made to order items(quesadillas, tacos,eggs, french toast). The sevice for me was almost non-existant. I was very friendly and said hello to all the wait staff but no one ever offered to fill my drink or coffee in the morning except 1 instance. I saw the staff interacting with the couples and groups, joking, offering beverages and even drinks from the bar. Scratching my head on that one. I just refilled my own and gave the tips the people who made the eggs in am and tacosin pm I thought the Breezes snack bar food was average. Nachos, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets etc. I didn't care for Shangri-La but that's personal preference as far as food and service was not good. The gentleman who waited on me never even introduced himself? Waited 20 minutes for him to take my order, no offer of refill of drink.Didn't see him again after he brought the meal until half hour later, so had no drink with my meal. Sumo was the exact opposite. From the time I walked in to the time I walked out the manager(Great job David) and the wait staff were very attentive, checking to see if I needed anything and how everything tasted. Food was good also(had terriyaki chickent). Old Barn was my fav. Kind of down south cooking, chicken and corn on the cob, mashed potatoes(all good) and the service was good. Pier 12 was also good service and food was above average. I tipped 5 bucks for each dinner meal regardless of the service
    Drinks/bartenders: Best service here. I have to be honest and say I've never had so many margaritas taste so different. Hit or miss on the drinks depending on who made them. Really bad mixed drinks at lobby bar each time I went. Was that club soda in my margarita? Ick Good at the Tiki and Beer garden if Fonzi, Carlos or Fermin was there. If not I drank beer. Like a roll of the dice. You do have to request what type of liquir(each time) or you will get the bottom shelf stuff.
    Check-out: Was painless, just remember your safe lock/key, towel card, and remote.
    I would return for the price(club room only) ,however, I wouldn't recommend to my friends because they are very fussy and wouldn't be able to deal with the faults of this type of resort. If not for the inconsistent service I would have given 4 stars. It's more like 3 1/2
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    aweee!!! It saddens me to read your review. when did you stay? I read that theres sloping in the sand and you had to go down to get to the water.... you must have went pre-dredging. They are past the Golden now though.

    As far as the room... This March will be my 5th visit there.... and all the hotels do this(even in the stateS) so I'm used to always hiding the safe key and tv remote somewhere in my luggage... like inside the zippered lining. I never leave anything out except for my sun tan lotion on the desk in the room and my toiletries in the bathroom. To get good main service... you tip them 10 bucks the morning after your first night.... and a few bucks a day after that.

    Even though with an all inclusive it says it includes gratuities.... they are all shared from your stay between front desk, waiters, gardeners, pool staff, janitors.... anyone and everyone.... so if you stay a week... they may only get 28 cents for your entire stay. So in lieu of this.... I always tip everyone VERY well the first day.... and smaller amounts here and there. This shows ur appreciation to them in advance... and out of their greatfulness of your appreciation, they make your drinks stronger and give you better service.

    I am not a big drinker... but I know alot of my friends that go there..... they tip the bartender at the tiki bar 20 bucks when they first get there... and a couple bucks per drink after that. I personally think that is a ridiculous amount... maybe because i dont drink like that and prefer my drinks watered down.

    We always make sure Gamaliel is our waiter at the buffet.... and we pretty much ate there most of the time.... except for pier 12. not a big fan of old barn and never tried shangri or sumo yet. this year we will though! <3
    But what we do is we tip 5 bucks when we first sit down to eat.... and everytime the waiter comes back, we give him a dollar... and usually about 3 more when we leave.

    I hear a lot of the same complaints.... but maybe we are just super easy going.

    I was the only topless one when i went for a week in march last year also. i think i just caught an "off" spring break week for that place though because usually a lot more women are topless. Sometimes once one girl does it the rest do.

    last year we wanted to be at the great parnassus but golden parnassus was cheaper..... so we booked it. Something happened with the air conditioners so they moved us to the great. We weren't happy about the move so they gave u 12th floor jacuzzi suites, vip wristbands that gave us access to our own personal breakfast restaurant..... and We liked it so much we called the next day and said to leave us here, we wanted to feel it out and try out all the restaurants and stuff. It was ok but i still like the golden better.....although when we go there in march, we will definitely visit the great.... even if its just so i can flip off the waiter at the sexy pool for trying to get in my pants last year lol
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    Hmm. I think everyone took my review as negative. It's just honest and at a resort that's well known for great customer service. Stayed Jan17-24th. That slope is def still there. Didn't bother me any.Can't imagine why it made you sad. I had a good time and would return. I've never had to hide the remote at any hotel I've stayed in lol. Same as you, I left few books and sunblock out. Would be someplace new every time I returned. I tipped everyday I was there for everyone who provided me service, so I don't think that was the issue with the drinks. There's just some bartenders that make better drinks.