Mango Tango VS Coco Bongo?

Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by curiouskath, Jun 7, 2005.


Which do you like better Mango Tango or Coco Bongo?

  1. Mango Tango

  2. Coco Bongo

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  1. curiouskath

    curiouskath Guest

    Who has been to both Mango Tango and Coco Bongo? Which one did you like better? Or would you recommend one over the other? Does Coco Bongo have a show too?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Guest

    I didn't vote and the reason I didn't was because one is a place that has dinner shows and one is a club.

    They just aren't in the same category....go to Mango Tango first and hit Coco Bongo after!
  3. curiouskath

    curiouskath Guest

    Thanks Elizabeth. That is what I thought but I was not sure about Coco Bongo but had read on Trip advisor it had a show too. I must have misunderstood - that is one reason I wanted to post this question to the experts on this board!

    I knew I would get a valid answer! Thanks again.
  4. stylz

    stylz Guest

    i never heard of mongo tongo and i didn't go to coco bongo, so i picked coco bongo cuz my friend went there and said it was insane


    8) We have been to both, CoCo Bongo is a great club. We love it. ManGo TanGo is a good dinner show, With great food and drinks for one price. I would say do both.. :p
  6. cathleen7

    cathleen7 Guest

    I also would say to do both. You could easily do them on the same night also. We had a great time at both of them.


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