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How long can you be "master of your domain"

  1. Hours

  2. Days

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  3. Weeks

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  4. Months (liar)

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  5. I'm sorry, I was "busy" taking care of "something". Could you repeat the question?

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  1. K&K

    K&K Guest

    Let's have some honest answers people.
  2. K&K

    K&K Guest

    i guess it didn't work.
  3. DeniseO

    DeniseO Guest

  4. K&K

    K&K Guest

    there we go. now, be honest.
  5. sorry Kevin

    I don't get it. But i'll vote busy playing the harmonica!

  6. jenfleur

    jenfleur Guest

    I've gone with 'days'. Hours I can do, otherwise I'd get no work done!
  7. K&K

    K&K Guest

    Master of your Domain

    Sorry, I assumed this was something everyone was familiar with. Serves me right for assuming.

    Master of your domain comes from an episode of Seinfeld (very popular a few years ago), in which the four best friends had a contest to see who could go the longest period of time without taking care of their basic primal needs in a private and personal way.

    Ask Watson or Deb. They got it immediately (nickel). That means something, not sure what.

  8. K&K

    K&K Guest

    Hey, jenfleur has a great idea. include your favorite terms for it as well, jenfleur, I'll let you post those you just PM'd me.

    Here are some of my favs:

    rub one out
    flog the dolphin
    take the wrinkles out of it

    I hope this isn't getting too out of hand for the moderators. Trying to keep it vague enough to not corrupt any minors.
  9. jenfleur

    jenfleur Guest

    Heh heh, here are mine:

    Double click the mouse
    Flick the bean
    Bash one out
    Feed the horse
    Ping the pip

    All are ones I use in everyday conversation!! Hope I'm not being too perverted as usual!




    Flick the bean sweet!

    Choke the chicken
    Spnak the munkie
    Wax the carrot
    Pull the pud
    Honk the horn
    Get ahold of yourself
  11. hkplayer

    hkplayer Guest

    that was a great episode of seinfeld! man, do i miss his work.

    to me though, i still believe that women can go weeks before losing
  12. jenfleur

    jenfleur Guest

    Not me! :lol:
  13. Ben Gaz

    Ben Gaz Guest

    My saying...."It's time for a little ME time!"
  14. DeniseO

    DeniseO Guest

    My saying - "take care of myself"
  15. Michael F.

    Michael F. Moderator/1st CC Member Registered Member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    Caring for my newborn!
    "Taking Care of Business" ...and working overtime...Sing along, now!
  16. Dori

    Dori Guest

    I guess I had to go with the last one...there was no correct answer :wink:
  17. K&K

    K&K Guest

    one more.

    this is one that i've never heard until saturday. "shuckin the corn".

  18. Zibbyzap

    Zibbyzap Guest

    That was a great episode of Seinfeld. Kramer was out in like 5 minutes.

    Here's another one for you...Bopping The Bishop. Think I heard that one on a film, perhaps American Pie maybe Something About Mary. Can't remember.

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