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Discussion in 'Cancun Info' started by u2j, Apr 29, 2005.


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  1. u2j

    u2j Guest

    report has been taken out for personal reasons, will share upon request
    thanks for understanding
  2. Klaw

    Klaw Guest

    Great report.....

  3. nico

    nico Guest

    u2j, man you did some damage in Cancun. I'm proud of you man. i hope I'm as succesful as you were with the ladies. That was something else boy ;). About your friend, shit man that really sucks, but I'm on your side for this one, he should have taken some hits for the team. But jealousy can be a bitch and you certainly do find out a lot about somebody when you travel. Great report, you certainly got me pumped up for my trip.. You're the man.

    p.s : whats your relationship been like with your boy since you got back?
  4. u2j

    u2j Guest

    Thank you Klaw,

    Thank you nico, I really hope you have a good time there, and get more.

    I may have quiet a few chances here and there with girls, but honeslty if I were to take all those out and pretend I they never happened I would still have had a blast.

    Cancun has it all, and as long as the people around are fun you will have a blast. Everyone there is going to have a good time, so never be afriad to aproach people. I recommend Blue Bay Getaway to any person over 21. It is the best resort there and you can never go wrong about the treatment, food, drink, bartenders (tip them), the guys and girls that run the activities, the maid (tip her too).

    Again I hope you have blast. Go to Coco bongo and The city, do not leave Cancun without going to these 2 nightclubs.
  5. whdream

    whdream Guest

    Sounds like u guys had fun!! :wink:
  6. hkplayer

    hkplayer Guest

    Another e-town member! Great report, thanks for sharing :)
  7. u2j

    u2j Guest

    thanks man,

    My Birthday is May 4th, but the part is gonna be this saturday (7th) at Donte's.
    If you got a chance go there, I gaurentee you will see a lot of girls there and few cougars haha.

    It is gonna be fun, so go check it out with your buddies, and take some hot chicks with ya for the birthday boy.
  8. Jlow511

    Jlow511 Guest

    Cool Happy B'day Joe hope ya have a great time. My B'day is on the 11th no big plans yet!
  9. Denise

    Denise Guest

    I was laughing while reading your report. You had some fun! And you hooked up your Cancun girl, quite well. As for your friend, he sounds like my friend, I traveled to CAncun with. She was so jealous of all the attention, I got. And she just moped around, 'cuz, her man didn't want to come with her on the trip. She didn't see it as an opportunity to hoop up, or just talk. And there was one hunky guy, staying down the hall from us, at our resort she could have had. He was fine. Hope things are better. With us, it never got better after the trip. Too bad. I can't help it, if I'm so popular, everytime we travel. I make friends right away. I like the day by day blows, and the stories. It made me laugh and smile. Thanks for writing! :wink: :) :lol: :D 8)
  10. hkplayer

    hkplayer Guest

    That would be awesome Joe, thanks for the invite, but this weekend seems quite active for me already. The only catch to that bday is also May 4th!!!

    Have a great bday, we are brothers already it I turn a quarter century this year.

    From your trip report, you seem to be a great friend too...hows your bud, is he better now?
  11. u2j

    u2j Guest

    Guys i tell ya, you leave this form for 1 hour and you are behind :)
    Only if I can be like "apple" or "whdream" :lol:


    Thanks man, happy b'day to you.
    Make sure you get body shots for your birthday, I have 2 hot chicks so far that promised me they will let me give them body shots. Definitely looking forward to it.


    Good to know you enjoyed it. Yeah I know how it feels, it sure sucks to have a friend on a trip turn out to be that way.
    Where did you stay in Cancun? and where do you live :)if you do not mind me asking? got any pics of your trip.

    Things got better between me and my friend and that is because I chose to, he was defintely wrong in every way and shape, but I forgive and put the bad things behind.


    Funny that we have the same birthday. Donte's is the shit man, you will get some hot chicks that will go there and also the cougars. You got to love the cougars and you might be like and get a couple. Nothing better than a 3 some LOL. I am selective though so they better be hot 8)

    I will be 24.

    where do guys party usually?
  12. Fletch

    Fletch Guest

    oops lol wrong post.....awesome trip report
  13. Hey u2j,

    Wow, you had a GOOD time! Your trip report sounded..hhummm..familiar shall we say :wink:

    Glad you had a good time!
  14. Jlow511

    Jlow511 Guest

    OK, first chance I got to actually read the whole TR, I knew you had a good time but DAMN bro!!!! Great report loved reliving it w/ ya. Oh, and the girl w/ the tight A** at BBG that worked there her name is Erika very nice gal and not hard on the eyes at all! I filmed the tequila Volleyball when Erika's team lost and just so happened that Frida (the HOT brazillian chick) was also on her team so that team had to run around the pool naked and get ice water poured on em. I got it all on film even got a shot of Joe getting a lap dance from the brazillian girl out by the pool.

    Joe I still owe ya a copy of the video and will get it out to ya soon bro, I wish we would have ran into you earlier in the trip and would have got to hang w/ ya more then just the last couple days. That night out at the Nice Shoes bar when I got Rachel (the HOT blonde from Las Vegas w/ the Beautiful tits) to flash and had your girl lickin on her nips was a blast. I was drunk and got so much film that night when I got back I realized I got about 3 hrs of film from my last 2 days. I got a couple of the games out by the sexy pool including the one you and your girl where in w/ the baloon popping that was hillarious seeing that chick trying to pop baloons on ya she was so tiny and couldn't pop em Chinos had to help her.

    Thanks for the flash back and sorry to hear your boy didn't have a good time. Hope ya'll are all cool now and hope he thinks about what he would have done if the roles where reversed he would have acted about the same way if he was getting all the attention. I mean you go on vacation w/ your boy and both out to have a good time you gonna have plenty of chances to hang w/ eachother when ya get back but how many more chances will ya get to hang w/ the ppl you meet on your 1 week BaCayShun to Cancun?

    Holler at ya later bro!
  15. u2j

    u2j Guest

    Didnt I already say John that your one of the coolest guys I met at BBG.

    I definitely wish we met long before that, it would have been a blast, specially since I was there like the same exact week you where.

    Monday night for you was crazy, I remember us chatting about it and I see those pictures, cannot get any better.

    You reminded me of the baloon popping contast. I forgot to mention that in my TR, that was funny shit, so many things happened in that trip i cannot remember it all. I remember the first couple, the girl was pretty heavy and they did it in like 20 some seconds and it took me and Frida like a minute and 40 seconds to get all done, with the host helping too :) . I have the pictures of the game that BBG dedicated for me. I will scan it and send it to all and post a link for it here.

    I can not wait till i get a copy of the video from ya. It is gonna bring back a lot of memories.
    All is good between me and my friend. I can not let something like this get between us. He definitely regrets what he has done, and I always keep bad incidents like this behind.

    Cheers bro

    Currvy and Fletch

    Thanks for sharing your thought too. Hopefully next year we will all be in it at the same time (Cancun in BBG preferred)
  16. hkplayer

    hkplayer Guest

    we usually hit backroom and cruise whyte as a central party spot but sometimes to rum depending on who brings up the club notion. dontes i hear is definitely for the older clientele which i hear can also be a will have to keep me posted after the weekend :wink:
  17. Steve

    Steve Administrator Owner

    Feb 14, 2003
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    Great stuff Joe! so are you keeping in touch with the Brazillian girl? It seems like you fell for her big time.

    You should repost this in the BBG forum too - I ma sure the BBG'ers who dont visit this forum would love to read it.

    Shame we didnt get to meet up, you were here during the cancuncare SB party (met John there) that many were raving about and I think I was at BBG shortly before you arrived. I think I also was at Fat Tuesday that night to.

    Oh well next time!
  18. u2j

    u2j Guest

    I tell ya Steve this girl was something. I been with girls as hot as her, but she was something special.
    I love latinas, and spanish girls and things between me and her clicked. She has a Twin that she did not want me to get to know :). We are still in touch. She lives in cancun but travels regularly. Up till now I am welcomed there anytime :).

    Yeah that definitely sucks I missed the CC party. Going to add it to my regret list. For all I know we might have seen each other there.

    This was my first trip there so I will definitely know better and will be more prepared for next time.

    You live in Cancun?
  19. Steve

    Steve Administrator Owner

    Feb 14, 2003
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    She lives here? send me her address - LOL just joking! I have my own gorgeous Latina

    Btw you should use 'latina' for a girl instead of 'latino' which is the male equivalent - people might get the wrong idea!
  20. Jlow511

    Jlow511 Guest

    Aye me and my bro where there at Fat Tuesdays on Tuesday as well I don't recall seeing steve there or you but there where SOOOO many ppl there that night it was hard to see anyone you might have known unless pure luck struck!

    It was great hanging w/ Steve at the CC party him and his wife where great!

    I myself fell for an english woman at BBG too bad she was there w/ her man lol, he was great too though I got them on film as well and need to try and get in touch w/ him so I can get his addy and send him the film I tried the e'mail he gave me and kept getting error messages back.

    Ah well not gonna derail this thread anymore w/ my random thoughts lol!

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