***Nakify July Fundraising for Chinos Cause for Cancer***

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    Alright my Sexy Nakify July Hotties....It's time to rally!! Let's unify our Boobs Cruise on the 16th to raise funds for an awesome cause!! Chinos does amazing work with the Aitana Foundation not far from the resort. This foundation helps children with cancer and their families. Along with basic necessities, they are currently working to raise funds to be able to take these kids to Disneyworld....a place most of these kids may otherwise never get a chance to experience.

    If you own your own business, please consider making a company donation. Aitana North American Children's Association (ANACA) has now been registered in the U.S. as a non-profit orgaization and your donations are now tax deductable!!

    Let's make some dreams come true!!! I will put in the first $100 and will take collections at the towel hut by the Sexy Pool before we get on the boat. 100% of the funds will go directly to Chinos on the cruise. :marshe:
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