November trip report - my experience of the new TTR

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    14 days, neither do I! I made it to end of Night 13 before I was very much done! Day 14 and morning of 15 (travel day) were very low key for me. I was ready for home.
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    I don't know that butler position seems like a pretty demanding job. Some people seem to use them for everything and some not at all. I am one of the not at alls but I did tip him $5 after getting me to my room. I was told that they each have around 40 rooms each to attend to. So that's lots of running around all over the resort to rooms/restaurants/front desk/pool and probably even the beach to reserve hobbie cats and kayaks. While they are doing this they have additional requests as they are running to and from. Plus as many have commented, a lot of the areas are somewhat loud making is even tougher to hear our gringo accents. I think they all seemed to be working hard from what I noticed but I think the organization and how they have the butlers set up really hinder their effectiveness.

    My suggestion would be
    1. To give them Ipads to help organize all they have going on.
    2. Working in groups where they can have a counterpart up at the lobby handling front desk and restaurant requests and then butlers designated to certain buildings. This would cut down on leg work for them and they could communicate through the ipads and even come back with verification of reservations or special requests.
    3. Overlapping shifts so butlers don't have shift change at the same time .
    4. Getting a Chamber Maid to oversee them all.

    Only negative I really see to this is they would have divide all the tips equally

    1st post renovation visit 10/26-11/2
    Still love the place.
    2nd post renovation visit 5/11-5/20
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    Great trip report and now makes it even more exciting to see the new place. Thanks Trish