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    Has anyone ever stayed at this hotel?

    My brother is getting married here and we will be here May 6th -11th (give or take a few days as I'm not looking at the confirmation email).

    I've never been to this resort before.

    Someone said they don't have wristbands. How does that work?

    Also.... the site says that it's in Cancun but isn't this really south? Like Puerto Morelos area?

    If I want to show my family the real Cancun (because they think they are experiencing Cancun at the hotel.... :aktion060: ) how would I go about getting from the hotel to say..... where all of the clubs are in front of coral negro. Once I get myself to the hotel zone I can figure my way about. I wanna show them Isla too but we always take the port in Puerto Juarez on the other side of town.

    Any tips/advice on this hotel?

    Is toplessness allowed on resort? beach?

    How's the shore down there? Is the water rough and rocky like by Golden Parnassus ?

    LOL sorry for the 8000 questions. I'm one of those people that just finds something they love and never think twice about going elsewhere. But I couldn't convince my prude family to stay at temptations...... so this is the result lmaooo.