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    Oasis Cancun

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Oasis Cancun here.

    Located at Km16 it is a 20 minute bus journey to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 40 minute bus journey away.

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  2. Kei-Man

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  3. BrockD

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    Just returned from the Oasis Cancun for Canadian Spring Break.

    Just a few notes:

    - at check-in, you must either pay a $100USD per person cash deposit, or each person must pay a $25USD insurance fee that covers you for $150USD in damages. (Though one group wrecked something in their room, had the insurance, but they still made them pay for it).

    - you can't eat at any of the a la carte restaurants at night if you're on "spring break"

    - there's only one bar open at the hotel that you can drink at past 6PM, and needless to say it's pretty crazy and hard to get a drink.

    Other than that, the grounds were super nice, and the workers there were great.
  4. ReAk~LiZarD

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    why dont you get access to a la carte restaurants ?weve booked the grand oasis ?
  5. BrockD

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    You're good if your at the Grand Oasis...just not the Oasis Cancun.
  6. ReAk~LiZarD

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    were at the grand oasis but not in the main building is there any difference in the use of the bar / restaurants ?
  7. BrockD

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    I believe that if you've paid Grand Oasis prices, then you get access to all of their services.
  8. Kei-Man

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    I think you can't eat at the ala carte restaurants if you have some Sping-Break-travel... we booked All-Incl at the Oasis and can eat twice a week at ala Carte restaurants at the resort!
  9. BrianL

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    I think I got unlimited meals at the ala carte restaurants... maybe thats cause I went in summer break instead of spring... cant wait to go back here in june.. its so nice. I got some pictures ill post of te hotel if anybody wants
  10. DavidJr

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    Please do........some friends and I may be going there in June and we want to see what the place is really like. We just want to party it up!
  11. BrianL

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  12. Fletch

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    I stayed at the Oasis last week, and I must say it was trecherous. We got robbed for over 500 dollars in cash and over 2500 in merchandise. The security did nothing about it except switch our room. We had rain, and the hotel flooded......I personally wouldnt stay there again, just because I dont trust it, but its def. the place to be if you're on Spring Break.
  13. carson83

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    i stayed at the oasis cancun -All Incv.

    i think we got screwed,

    i didnt see anyone else with or colour wrist bands, we got a light green and a red one, we only could drink at the lobby bar and the snack bar that closed at 5pm... the wet bar said we had the wrong colour and couldn't drink there :( we where in phase 2, only ONE place to eat, breakfast, lunch and supper. all meals same place, buffet.... well the snack bar too, only burgers and fries.

    our ceiling in our room leaked all week and we only got one room key

    and BrockD is right, have a $100 each ready to pay and hope u get back or $25 u'll never see again

    ... well we did meet The Game in the Miami airport and he was also on our plane to Cancun
  14. ...about the wrist-bands...

    I've read in a lot of reviews that you should request Phase II specifically so you CAN eat at ALL the restaurants. I'm going there in mid-April and I'm expecting the full treatment! Did you go on a Spring Break package?
  15. stunnin

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    ( I posted in the breakers forum but looking for same info here as well )

    Looking for some adtl 411 as well....

    I am planning a trip for approx 10 of us, 4 guys, 6 gals... We are looking to head down in July or August ( gals still saving $$$ )... We are looking to stay @ the oasis or the RIU Cancun. We like the Oasis becuase we are all mid 20's and love to party or ass off, usually on top of the bars or tables and just like having fun, an all smiles - no drama kid of crowd... RIU seems a little nicer but not as crazy, anyone ever been to both?

    There has been some bad reviews on the Oasis on other sites but this site seems to favor it a little more...

    a) Is it werth paying 200 more for the Grand Oasis over the oasis?
    b) If just in Oasis, which phase is recomended?
    c) Any limitations on locations you can eat depending on phases.
    d) Favorite resturaunt or bar?
    e) Can you ask for doubles from the bar & will they allow me to bring my beer bong to the pool / bar area?

    * Anyone been to the RIU cancun - opinions?

    Thnc for the 411 in advance...
  16. carson83

    carson83 Guest

    i work with a woman in her 50's that stayed last year at the RIU, said it was amazing, like mini fridge, chocolates on the bed every morning and all around nice place... Oasis i found, younger crowd, not as nice room, dont get me wrong, nice two sinks, butt washer..... tv (like 18 channels, 3 english), no mini fridge in our room, but better beach and a place for younger ppl to party, RIU is closer to downtown, but the bus is only 65 cents...and the Grand you have access to everything, just Oasis cancun you are limited....you prolly can ask for doubles, i never did, but just be nice and maybe a tip and smile they will... beer bong, prolly just as long as your not to crazy
  17. ok i don't know what you're bragging about guys... i went to oasis cancun AI in january 2005 and we had a blast, the maid were very cool, no money got stolen, they didn't even ask for tips or anything...

    The food was great and the guys at the bar 2.... we could order like 5-6 drink at 1 time and it was ok....

    My friend even throw up all over the bed and they came clean it up at like 9 pm, with a big smile on their face, we give 2 dollars and they were happy.

    Club promoters were really cool !!

    We are coming back next year, thats for sure !
  18. LushPink

    LushPink Guest

    hey me and one of my girls are going to be staying at oasis cancun from may14 to may 21 its our first time coming down....how do we know what clubs are good for what night and are we guarenteed to get in? they must reach capacity all the time...
    and if anyone's gonna be down then let me know !!
  19. captnk11

    captnk11 Guest

    try Congo Bongo's and La Boom, most likely your resort will plan outings that you can buy all iclusive wrist bands to, entrance and alcohol. Jump in with a group from your place and hit the town
  20. DO NOT MISS : The city, Laboom and G Spot !!!! really nice club !!!

    G spot is kinda small but it's on the water !!! its soo cool ! i miss it !!!

    *tears of joy*

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